GULABI (1996)

GULABI (1996)
Platform : Aha Video
Language : Telugu
Synopsis : Gulabi is an action-packed love story set in the backdrop of human trafficking of young girls to Dubai. It is inspired from a real incident that came in news dailies when police arrested a few Dubai-based businessmen trying to smuggle girls from Hyderabad. The film follows the story of a young man who searches for his girlfriend kidnapped by human traffickers from Dubai.
Cast : J. D. Chakravarthy, Maheswari, Brahmaji, Chandra Mohan, Banerjee, Chalapathi Rao, Y. Vijaya, Jeeva & others
Directors : Krishna Vamshi
Producer/s : Ram Gopal Varma
Cinematographer (DoP) : Rasool Ellore
Production House : Verma Films
Music : Shashi Preetam

Movie Duration (minutes) : 138
Digital Premiere Date : February 20, 2020 Theater Release Date : January 1, 1990

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