Gullak 2 Press Event: Unlocking the Nostalgia of Family Squabbles in Its New Season

Rishira Ganguly -

Gullak 2 Press Event: Unlocking the Nostalgia of Family Squabbles in Its New Season

Ringing in the new year with a new season, Gullak, Sony Liv’s series about a middle-class family hailing from Bhopal is coming back to the OTT platform on 15 January with newer episodes that grapple with newer situations. Talking about helming the second season, the show’s co-writer Shreyansh Pandey spoke about how the show’s director was eager to shoot the second season owing to the nostalgia that it creates for their own childhood and family life. Like the show’s running dialogue says “Kahani nehin kissey” (Not a story but tales), this time the ‘gullak’ also seems to be filled with interesting and heart-warming tales.  

Directed by Palash Vaswani who has previously directed films like Cheesecake, while the show is in its second season, it might come as a relief for the fans that not much has changed for the Mishra family. The season promises the same albeit different disputes and disagreements that brought a smile to many the first time around. Describing the process of bringing a continuity into season 2, Saugata Mukherjee, the Head of original content, Sony Liv said, “The one thing that we didn’t want to do with the show is experiment too much”. He spoke about how simplicity is the key and “staying true to the story” is what is more important. The makers spoke about how the show has managed to impress not only fans but also the media and the fraternity with its familial sentimentality with many complaining about the fact that it does not have enough episodes. 

Discussing about shooting for the episodes in the ongoing strenuous time of the pandemic, the actors said that they had never felt unsafe and were in fact cared for and pampered by the crew. Jameel Khan, who plays the role of Santosh Mishra, the patriarch of the Mishra clan, said that it was like coming back to your family, “It did not feel like we were ever separated after season 1…..owing to the acting workshops and table discussions that were held over zoom calls”. Describing the crew he said that they treated each other like a family member would which gave us a glimpse into what the directing process must have been like. Speaking on this, the director Palash Vaswani said that he did not need to make the actors work on specific demands, the whole unit acted as a family and his only work trickled down to capturing those emotions on camera. Speaking on the issues that the show tackles in its new season such as unemployment among the youth and self identification, Vaibhav Gupta, who plays Annu, the oldest son of the Mishra family, spoke about how the experiences of the character took him back to his own days when he too would grapple with unforeseen circumstances and meagre work. All in all, it is assured that the fans can expect a light hearted but emotionally charged new season. 

Creating a show with the collaboration of TvF and Sony Liv has bore the sweet fruits of labour as many positive reviews flooded in about the second season. Describing the series Saugata Mukherjee reiterated that the show does not try to impress and is quite a different take as an Indian series, especially now since the OTT market is filled with guns and goondas. The show takes place within the small periphery of the Mishra family and deals with situations that are very close to the heart of Indian families. Speaking about shooting during the pandemic, Shreyansh Pandey described how creating the episodes were exhaustive and draining because they would discuss personal stories to give the series an emotional touch that would be reminisced by fans alike. When asked if there would be a season three, he quipped “bohot gehri hai gullak” (the gullak is very deep).

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