Hache Review - A intriguing Spanish outing that extends its welcome

Hache Review - A intriguing Spanish outing that extends its welcome
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Hache's talented cast comprises Adriana Ugarte as Helena, Javier Rey as Malpica, Eduardo Noriega as Alejandro Vinuesa, Marc Martinez as Arístides and Pep Ambròs as Julio Senovilla. Hache, the Spanish crime thriller has managed to present its characters with grim resolve amid the backdrop of a criminal organisation set in the 1960s of Barcelona. The story revolves around a woman determined to protect her valuable assets and her family, who finds herself addicted to the world of a drug lord. Gathering her skills to pave through this path, she makes many sacrifices, takes difficult decisions to scale ahead in her life. Even though the plot is brilliant and so is Adriana Ugarte’s performance, it is stretched beyond necessity. The story creator, Verónica Fernández has split the series across 8 episodes. Hache combines a well-defined, strong character-driven story with adequately infused melodramatic turns in the run-time. The series boasts of an eccentric soundtrack that has impressed the viewers. You will be impressed with the set design that takes us through the 1960s. Agreeably, it is a decent crime story but fails to create the spark required in this genre. The heart of the story is about an empathetic mother Helena, who is stuck in a pretty tricky situation where she needs money to get her husband out of jail. Sandwiched between taking care of her daughter and battling around to survive, Helena is forced to seduce a dangerous druglord Malpica to get enough funds to help her husband. The opening episode sets the tone for the plot and thereby introduces a gamut of characters while the rest of the episodes delve into two distinct narratives. The first part highlights Helena, working under the alias of Hache and securing Malpica’s trust while working with the criminal organisation. Another noteworthy character, Inspector Vinuesa can be seen investigating several murder cases. The musical score of Hache is outstanding as the use of jazz instrumentals have given a perfect sombre and heartfelt touch to all the episodes. The leading lady gets the viewers to empathise with her plight. The dubbing of the entire series is truly woeful. The exaggeration of the Spanish lines in British Englis compromise on the flow. Hache may not be the best Spanish original on Netflix but, it cannot be denied of its originality. The music is noteworthy, the set design is eye-catchy but; the plot goes on at a slow pace. Even though the lead character Helena might impress you, the supporting characters often lose their shine which makes the series not enough intriguing for the audiences. Netflix series Hache can be added to your weekend watch list but it needs some real patience to sail through the over-stretched plot.

Rating: 3/5

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