Trailer Touchdown: Halahal: Emotional drive with mysteries and surprises

Richard Mahesh -

Trailer Touchdown: Halahal: Emotional drive with mysteries and surprises

The first word about the trailer – It gives an impression of owning a substantial content like Talwar and Article 15, although Halahal isn’t about Honour Killing. We mention this in the sense of the treatment, where a character gets indulged in the mission of unravelling the mystery behind the death of a girl. Moreover, the only similarity among these movies is that they are based on true incidents. The two characters played by the lead actors are going to be the major strength of this film.  It can blatantly found through the trailer that it’s a show that completely belongs to Barun Sobti and Sachin Khedekar. The duo that has proved its proficiency with prowess performances in its erstwhile movies individually assures the audience they can deliver a surpassing spell here. The narrative part in the trailer is so much engaging and it distinctly gives a clear picture of what this film is going to be. Directed by Randeep Jha, the film has musical score by Sageesh Bhandhari, Narman Adhikari, and Abhinav Sharma.
Usually, such roles of corrupt but good-hearted cops would easily land into the stores of Nawazuddin Siddique, but then Barun Sobti looks more promising as well. To be streamed on Eros Now on September 21, 2020, it looks like a nitty-gritty thriller stuff is getting ready to engross us. 

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