Half Full Review : Naseeruddin Shah, Vikrant Massey’s Short Film Hinges on A Smart Twist

Half Full Review : Naseeruddin Shah, Vikrant Massey’s Short Film Hinges on A Smart Twist
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What’s The Story?
On his 30th birthday, Abhay (Vikrant Massey) decides to end his life; however, his plan goes awry when an elderly man, played by Naseeruddin Shah, knocks on his door just before midnight. Before he realises it, the elderly man reads Abhay’s letter and just before he wants to end his life, the elderly man makes a series of sarcastic remarks which distract Abhay from taking a drastic step.

Naseeruddin Shah is in top form as an elderly man who’s extremely witty and the sarcasm in his tone is hard to miss. So, when he mocks Abhay for wanting to end his life without a strong reason, you end up laughing along with him rather than being surprised at his apathy. Then, there’s Vikrant, who holds his fort despite the towering presence of a stalwart like Naseeruddin Shah. Although the conversation between the two actors lacks a punch, the duo manage to hold your interest to an extent.

Suicide is, perhaps, the most recurring theme in short films, and Half Full is no different. Abhay keeps looking at the watch which underlines a sense of urgency and anxiety, and when the elderly man walks into the house, the short film, directed by Karan Rawal, lands somewhere between a thriller and a cliched drama about suicide. When asked why he wants to die, Abhay simply says that he has nothing to look forward to and no one cares about him. It’s surprising that the short film doesn’t give a more nuanced take on the whole aspect because it’s biggest redeeming factor is a smart twist which almost gives it a supernatural edge. 

Music & Other Departments:
The short film is well-edited, and the suspense is maintained well till the end, even though the theme of the short film itself feels a little too cliched. Another fine aspect is its cinematography which captures the dark mood of the story. The contrast between the dim light, the sound of rain outside the house, and the sight of the clock ticking is very well highlighted.

Naseeruddin Shah and Vikrant Massey leave a strong impression with their respective performances. The cinematography, editing, and the big twist salvage the short film to an extent.

The theme of the story itself feels a tad too cliched and it’s been done to death now. No matter how much the story tries to get away from it, you can’t overlook the underlying message of it.

Do I recommend it?
If only there was a different conflict which the lead character goes through. Otherwise, this is yet another short film about suicide, except that it’s got a smart twist to boast of.

Rating: 2.5/5


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