Happi Review – For colours in black and white

Happi Review – For colours in black and white
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With all the simple things that can make you laugh, there is a deep message that is hidden behind. Sometimes these messages bring tears to one's eyes! Happi, the ZEE5 original film is based on a similar concept. This Pankaj Kapur starrer leaves no stones unturned at leaving viewers spell-bound by a simple message of love.

Happi (Pankaj Kapur) is a simple man, who works at ‘Café Bombay’ as a singer and entertainer. The man is in his mid-fifties, makes a serious effort to see a smile on his customers face. Farookh, the owner of ‘Café Bombay’ does his best at encouraging the man and keeping him at his job, but his son Adil (Nakul Vaid), simply despises Happi and wants to throw Happi out of the restaurant.

The thought of having no job simply kills Happi, but he swallows the grief with a pinch of salt and offers to work at half the wage. In spite of the resistance, Happi stays on. Wilson (Raaj Seluja), the butler at the restaurant is always poking fun at Happi. He seems to rob Happi of everything that brings him great joy. Little does Wilson know, that his harmless pranks can bring that much harm to Happi.

The plot is simply heart-warming and the comedy is unpretentious. The plot incorporates clever metaphors that will have your hair standing at the edge of your head. The film doesn’t impart only one message but gives away a few more that are indeed very strong. It is interesting how the picturisation and cinematography adds to the emotions. The film is entirely shot in black and white, adding to the impending drama.

The little puppy was a sweet surprise. It’s interesting to learn how animals respond to human emotions. It would be wonderful to put the puppy on a pedestal and make it the star of the show. It was wonderful how Pankaj Kapur took the puppy into his home and very naturally made a place for that little furball. Happi communicated with the puppy, and the furball reciprocates every emotion back in the most fitting manner.

Wished Supriya Pathak Kapur would have more of a role to play. But with whatever part she played as Rukmani, the Paanwali she has done a wonderful job! At first, they show her displaying her trust in Happi and the trust seems to fade away the moment ‘Happi’ is unable to save her ‘Tapri’ (small roadside shop) from the municipal goons.

Happi finds a friend in a young street urchin. The lad seems to have organically evolved with his role and seems to understand emotion felt by Happi, especially when he is looking for his dog.

Overall, a commendable film! Credits for the same also go to Bhavna Talwar, the director of the film, who’s pieced the plot most fittingly. This one, however, doesn’t cater to a mass audience. The dialogues by Mohinder Pratap Singh is simply outstanding!

Rating: 4.5/5

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