Harlan Coben’s adaptations on Netflix will never have Second season.

Sajid Ali -

Harlan Coben’s adaptations on Netflix will never have Second season.

When you hear the name Harlen Coben your mind lingers in mystery trying to get a grasp of his brilliant novels. Recently he’s the mastermind behind some of the most recent thrilling series on Netflix. But there’s a million-dollar question will all of his adaptations end with just one season?

The first novel Play Dead was published in 1990 and over the years the America author has gained a loyal fanbase. If we see in the last 4 years four of his novels have been brought to life on Netflix with one series per story. Earlier in 2016, the only television adaptation of Coben’s work was the 2006 French film Tell No One.

The recent news is that Coben has a 14-book deal with Netflix where they will be turned into new series for fans across the world to bask in his brilliant work. Coben has worked alongside the directors of all these series so far to ensure that the story is as gripping on the screen as it is in the books. 

But his adaptations have ended with cliffhangers and plot twists leaving the fans wondering if any of these shows will renew for a second season.

The Stranger and The Woods are his recent adaptations streaming on Netflix. Coben is also behind Safe and The Five on Sky, which has great potential to be renewed for a second season, which will be not the case. 

Even though the series has been popular, we don’t think there will be a second season to any of them which ended.  Coben stated in an interview “In crime dramas like The Stranger or Safe or The Woods, I don’t think it’s fair to make viewers watch several seasons before you get the answers. We create the series to be only one season for that reason, and so far, we haven’t felt compelled to bring the characters back.” He continues stating “We will only do a second season when we are sure it will be as good as or better than the first. Netflix has been a great and understanding partner in this philosophy. Right now, we prefer to tell you a new story than try to force a second story where maybe there isn’t one. “

So, you’ve heard the man, despite the series being popular among the fans none of it will have a second season.


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