Haunted Season 2 review - A dubious mix of fiction and fact

Haunted Season 2 review - A dubious mix of fiction and fact
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Every city has a ghost story of its own. With the arrival of the month which celebrates Halloween, (October), Netflix and various other platforms have released content with horror stories. According to a press release of Netflix, the horror series is based on real events. Keep your human logic aside and use the ghost logic when you sit down to watch this series. (Maybe then it will be more satisfying). Haunted uses real footages of non-actors who are who share stories of their horrific experiences. Although Haunted claims to be based on true stories, one can’t help but remain sceptical. One can understand that the truth might be exaggerated. More the exaggeration, more the attention. How can we fact check whether or not a woman has been abducted by aliens? Or if a girl has been possessed by demons? Which side of the planet are we expected to go? The characters deeply believe in the stories, they tell, but if you are someone whose routine includes breakfast, office, lunch break, commute, dinner, sleep, maybe you won’t completely believe a story vastly different from the reality you live. The cast comprises non-actors who narrate non-scripted paranormal activities which they have experienced. In an era where technology has reached its zenith, it’s difficult to accept the truth presented in front of you. What’s shown in a video, which claims to be fact may be presented in an orderly fashion to make us believe that such an incident took place in an undisclosed area. After a lot of Googling, the series becomes a major waste of time. What these narrations can do, is serve the purpose of another aspiring filmmaker, producer, to create another horror fiction. Rating: 2.5/5

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