Have You Ever Seen Fireflies? Review

An emotionally intimate story

Aparnna Hajirnis -

Have You Ever Seen Fireflies? Review
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What is the story about?

The movie opens to YouTubers taping an eccentric old woman who can multiply large numbers and solve Math problems without a calculator. We are then shown how Gulseren born in the Istanbul of 1948 was highly intelligent. Set in the backdrop of a regressive society, the film follows the genius Gülseren as she and her family struggle to keep up with an an ever-changing environment and her prodigious talent. 


For many of us who are waiting for the Hindi remake of Forrest Gump, might be surprised to know that a Turkish film may have also been inspired by it. Have You Seen The Fireflies, is the story of child prodigy Gulresen who knows about political figures and biographies even as a young child. She is forced to concede all her life to the society she was growing up, but that doesn't stop her from walking out of a toxic and a problematic marriage. The story of Gulseren is inspiring because it talks of one woman's struggle in a conservative society as she sets out to make a mark for herself. 


Erkek who plays Gulseren does a splendid role in playing a troubled yet intelligent prodigy. The rest of the cast have also done a decent job in playing their parts. 

Music & Other Departments

Set in the 1950s Turkey, HYESF is a wonderfully made film. Some of the camera shots are lovely and it has been edited quite tightly as well. The music is both contemporary and classic, which ofcourse you can understand with the help of subtitles.


Watch it for an award-winning performance by Ecem Erkek. 


Felt some of the comedy dialogues and scenes were a bit out of place.

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