HBO Go is going...

Sajid Ali -

HBO Go is going...

With multiple streaming apps clamouring the OTT market, things got a little confusing after HBO Max came into existence. AT & T’s Warner Media on Friday announced that it’ll be discontinuing its HBO Go app on July 31st, 2020. This will reduce the 3 apps to just 2, that is HBO Max their newly launched app and they’ve rebranded HBO Now app and it’ll simply be called HBO.

Before the HBO Max was launched HBO operated two services HBO Go and HBO Now. HBO Go was a free app where users could download the content on to their devices of choice and as long as they had an active HBO subscription through their cable or satellite provider, they could stream the network’s content to HBO Go.

And HBO Now was a paid service that cost $15/month to access HBO’s content. It was meant for people who don’t have cable or satellite subscription. But when HBO Max was launched last month, a third option popped up which offered all of HBO’s content plus Warner Bro. exclusive and popular 90’s sitcom Friends, among other titles. HBO Now subscribers will be automatically upgraded to HBO Max. However, HBO Go subscribers will have to sign up for HBO Max. 

But this upgrade to “Go” customers will cost extra bucks that have already subscribed to HBO through their cable or satellite services. They will end up paying twice for the same content.

The issue doesn’t stop there; HBO Max is not available on Roku or Amazon Fire TV products, which is the majority of the home set-top box market in the west. So, those who own these products will not be able to access HBO’s premium content and will have to buy a new set-top box or just get used to living without HBO.

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