Hello Charlie (2021) Review

An unfunny misadventure packed with bad jokes and poor logic!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Hello Charlie (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Makwana (Jackie Shroff) is a huge fraudster who is on the run from the cops for failing to pay his debts. As he tries to find a way out of trouble, his girlfriend Mona suggests him to hop into a suit of a gorilla and get transported from Mumbai to Diu, where he can flee from for good. And to get this job done, she hires Charlie (Aadar Jain), a sweet and innocent youngster. So the journey of Charlie which begins at this point, leads to many different events on the way to the end.


The whole plot of Hello Charlie looks like it is something that has been designed to woo the kids, and not actually make much sense otherwise. The film is packed with scenes that make us question the logical pattern in the flow, and would seem a little too immature and slapstick for the general adult to watch. There is a little bit of social commentary that the director has tried to add, but it doesn’t add up to good things when there is so much goofing around, empty characters and a futile story in the frame.


In a film that has so many humans, it is the gorilla that takes the cake and makes it a partly enjoyable watch at least. Aadar Jain resembles Ranbir Kapoor in his body language and his voice too, but it is not the right film to showcase his abilities at all. Jackie Shroff does have a couple of scenes which will tickle our funny bone, but there is nothing more to his extended cameo appearance in the film.

Music & Other Departments

Hello Charlie is strictly average in the technical department, the work from all the sides being on the equator.


The presence of the gorilla is the x-factor and will attract the kids.


The film’s boring stretches and logic-free narrative are a bane.

Did I enjoy it?

No. Hello Charlie was a tough watch for me, I was bored for most parts.

Do I recommend it?

Hello Charlie is a good break out for the kids in the house, when they are bored. For the others, you might want to watch something else and save your time.

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