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Hello Mini 2

Hello Mini 2
MX Player
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Digital Premiere Date
Original Series
Movie Rated
  • Director(s) :

    Faruk Kabir

    Producer(s) :

    Srishti Behl Arya, Goldie Behl, Sameer Nair, Deepak Segal

  • Cast :

    Anuja Joshi, Priya Banerjee, Anshul Pandey, Arjun Aneja, Mrinal Dutt, Gaurav Chopra, Tamara D'Souza, Ankur Rathee, Anjuman Saxena, Vineet Sharma, Om Kanojiya, Dhananjay Kapoor

  • Cinematographer (DoP) :

    Akshay Singh

    Music Director :

  • Production House :

    Applause Entertainment Ltd., Rose Audio Visuals

Hello Mini is a drama, mystery, thriller web series that is directed by Faruk Kabir and is produced by Srishti Behl Arya, Goldie Behl, Sameer Nair and Deepak Segal. The second season of the series is scheduled to premiere on MX Player on the 26th of February 2021.

The voiceless, nameless, and faceless ‘Stranger’ has returned to haunt Mini again and this time, the dare is to stay alive. She must follow the Stranger’s order and enlist herself to play the dangerous game of Dare Defy on the dark web – or face dire consequences. As things begin to unfold and rapidly spiral out of control for Mini, she becomes a key suspect in a murder investigation because of her participation in this illegal game. Will Mini be able to beat Stranger and his game? Or will this game be the end of her?


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