Hello Mini 2 Review

A show about sex and sabotage, and not much else

Rhea Srivastava -

Hello Mini 2 Review
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It’s not every day that you watch a show as laughably terrible as ‘Hello Mini,’ that too when it’s based on a book. Over and above that, the show is a curious co-production between Applause Entertainment and Goldie Behl’s Rose Audio Visuals. I haven’t seen the first season, so I went in having no clue, but the show-runners helped me out. I still have no clue about what went on in the show in terms of structure and themes, but now there’s a tedious preamble with the show which explained everything I saw in the first season.

What is the story about?

Mini is no longer the naive Kolkata girl who is delving into making it in a new city, all the while having roaring affairs here and there. She has been informed that her stalker from the previous season is back. Meanwhile, Mini has moved back in at her new boyfriend Danny’s apartment and has to deal with unlikely competition. Amidst this, there is also a game in the dark world that forces people to complete sexual activities, and Mini is the messiah trying to save someone. 


Honestly, not much from Hello Mini actually makes sense. The show is, at its core, confused about its genre. Firstly, is it a stalker tale? Is it a murder mystery? Is it an erotic show? Is it pro-feminism? Is it a cautionary tale about the perils of the internet? In most of the episodes, some rubbish happens and then someone proceeds to unbutton jeans. This season is too confused in trying to make new villains for the dull heroine, so they recycle some old people - there’s Mini’s former boyfriend, her former boss, the love arrival, and then the organisers of the International Film Festival of 2021. It’s not at all scary or surprising. Somebody keeps leaving symbols tainted in love, and the biggest conflict in Mini’s life is whether she should work in London because her boyfriend is being seduced by another woman. The central mystery of this season hardly qualifies as a mystery. There’s something about Hiya coming back. Still, there is no merit in the mystery. Then Mini has an affair. Most of the show is headache-inducing. And by that time, it’s the end of the day and an incestuous pair is actually running an illegal app on sexual dares around the pandemic. 


Hello Mini boasts of the most one-dimensional lead role by Anuja Joshi. Everyone else is terrible on the show, except the guy who plays Danny who is pretty competent.

Music & Other Departments

None of the tech elements on the show work out.


Unnecessary skin show. 


Everything. Why did I watch some random dumb show about real teenagers and what they go through? 

Did I enjoy it?


Do I recommend it?

Only if you saw season 1, and adult scenes are always a click away.

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