Hello Ninja Review – When imagination helps solve a problem

Hello Ninja Review – When imagination helps solve a problem
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Kids always have it in them to be bold and fearless. Their innocent minds often propel them to follow their dreams. And those who are caught being in their shell, are often inspired by these magical animated Netflix originals that leave a positive impression on their ever-growing minds. ‘Hello Ninja’ started streaming on the platform recently. The story revolves around Wesley and Georgie, who aspire to become Ninja kids. ‘Baa Chan’, Wesely’s grandmother often instils the virtues of a true Ninja in these kids. The kids are faced with little day to day problems, and they often use their Ninja imagination to solve the predicaments that they face. They pray to a flying pink dragon Kamu, to grant them the necessary wisdom. They often call upon the Kata to grant them the necessary strength to see them through their troubled times. The technicalities of the animation work like a ‘T’ with the narrative. The bright colours and the strapping movements easily hook young minds to watch the show. The background score is unmatched, and very balanced, giving due importance to the content. Each story pans for an approximate 12 minutes. What is very insightful is that the kids are made to solve a certain problem. While solving a certain issue, the writer translates the magnitude of the problem to the child’s imagination giving us as adults an insight on how a child views a certain issue. While most solutions are realistic, the imagination of the child’s view of the issue could be misconstrued. The language is relatively easy on the ears and is supported with relevant graphical animation to explain some slightly difficult terms. Adult supervision could help foster a certain conversation and bond with the child regarding their viewpoint on a certain problem.

Rating: 3/5

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