Hello Season 3 Review

Logic goes for a toss in this show’s continued quest for a blockbuster ending

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Hello Season 3 Review
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What is the story about?

After the events of the first two seasons, Nandita and Nina are finally living together. Ananyo keeps looking for opportunities to bring Nandita home but to no avail. Nina hides from Nandita the fact that she can actually walk. However, there’s a new powerful entity apart from Ananyo who keeps blackmailing Nina and threatens to tell Nandita the truth if she fails. Who is he?


The good news about Hello 3 is that it ends at a definitive point as compared to previous seasons. The bad news, however, is that Hoichoi’s flagship drama takes the most unconvincing and baffling route to this ending. Writer Mitali Bhattacharya scripts probably the best season of the show—the writing here is more cohesive and reminds one of the understated intrigue of Season 1—but the twists and turns that are put in this season, and the layered flashbacks feel out of place when you consider all the events of the first two seasons. In doing so, this show keeps switching genres from a romance with queer shades, to a suspense thriller, to an erotic drama and what not.


One good quality about the first two seasons was that, irrespective of the shocking scenarios that played out, the anchor of the story was always Nandita’s unhappy marriage. This season, however, introduces a baffling new back-story to Nandita and Nina which completely overturns the narrative universe the show. This season would have worked better if this was a standalone spinoff. Unfortunately, Hello’s best season is also it’s most unconvincing one. The season finale packs a punch, but everything leading up to it shifts into ludicrous territory that defies logic.


Let me state this right now: there would be no Hello without Priyanka Sarkar’s calculative and obsessive Nina. It’s always a treat to watch her schemes to prevent the truth from leaking out. Raima Sen plays Nandita in one tenor, but she shines in the season finale. Joy Sengupta dependably plays the libidinous, raging Ananyo with gusto. Shaheb Bhattacharjee makes an entry in this twisted world as the cunning Rongit, Nandita’s college sweetheart, while Pamela Bhutoria makes an impression as the femme fatale Riya.

Music & Other Departments

Amlaan A Chakraborty’s background score is decent. Subhodeep Dey’s lensing is impressive, while Sanglap Bhowmik’s editing is alright.



The college reunion and the season finale are fantastic in their scripting and staging.


There are gaps in the narrative that defy logic. For instance, Nandita and Nina go through a major incident in college that has a major influence on this season, and yet there’s no mention of it in previous seasons. Also, a character’s continued attempts to tell Nandita about Nina feel weird, considering there’s been no contact between them for years.


Did I enjoy it?

It’s engrossing in stretches.

Do I recommend it?

It’s good enough for a one-time watch. But if you are a Hello loyalist, kindly look away.

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