Helstrom Review

A horror show that lacks spine-chilling moments and fails to engage us

Richard Mahesh -

Helstrom Review

What is the story about?

The story is about siblings Daimon (Tom Austen) and Ana Helstrom (Sydney Lemmon), whose father was a malevolent and brutal serial killer and their mother Victoria (Elizabeth) institutionalized in a mental asylum. The brother-sister duo endowed with inherent superpowers has to combat the worst evil beings and save humanity.    


The instant flaw that one might find with the Helstrom series is the time to takes to brew and offer the intense drama. Say, for instance, it nearly takes an episode (No.1) for the siblings to meet. It’s same with few more characters that bounce upon each other during the latter part of the show. Nonetheless, it starts testing the patience for the stretched out episodes focalizing on these roles’ establishments. On the brighter note, the Episodes 3 and 6 have some engrossing moments followed by sprinkles of similar paradigm in the next chapters, but that isn’t enough to keep up the engagement levels on the peak. It has been proved across the years that few works are good when read like novels and comics but fails to create a similar impression on visual translation. Helstrom arrives as a perfect exemplification of this theory. Few action sequences are appreciable, and that’s the only ‘Marvel’ factor we get to see here. Having said this, the overall impression of Helstrom is disappointing that one would impulsively skip it. 


The lead actors are the only convincing part in Helstrom as they strive and struggle to carry this 10-episode drama on their shoulders. The show comprises many more characters, especially during the latter part. Although they keep giving their best spell, the narrative part fails to add the impact. Tom Austen inherits a unique pattern of mannerisms and dialogue delivery style and keeps proceeding with the same. On the other hand, Sydney Lemmon delivers a promising act. The core problem is that these characters have nothing exceptional to do here after a certain extent. When the trailer arrived, we all had big hope on the characterization of Elizabeth Marvel as Victoria Helstrom as she seemingly holds the key to all mysteries. Of course, her role does have some substance, and her performance is commendable too. She surprises us by stepping outside the box of prototyped characters, which she regularly used to play in her erstwhile shows and surprises us. Nolan and Erica as young Daimon and Ana are convincing. Ariana Guerra as Gabriella strives to make an impressive effort, and it is noticeable in few places like Episode 3.


Music & Other Departments

Helstrom has got some good music but to a limited extent. They do enrich certain situations by elevating the feel. However, with scene narratives itself turning out to be mediocre, it doesn’t appeal to the audiences. Cinematography is yet another disappointment as it looks dull all the time. Seemingly, the makers and cinematographers wanted to offer a gloomy feel to get the creepy scene effects stepped up, but again it doesn’t help this mediocre drama on this note. Editing lacks continuity in many places though it might not be blatantly visible.


  • The screen presence of lead actors – Tom Austen & Sydney Lemmon
  • Visual treatment


  • Screenwriting
  • Repeated scenes
  • Lack of thrills and chills

Did I enjoy it?

Nope! Initially, it gives an impression of building the intensity slowly, ended on the flimsy note.  

Do I recommend it?

Simply ‘NO’

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