Herself Review

An absorbing, inspiring drama on women empowerment!

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Herself Review
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Herself is an Amazon Original, which was picked up at the Sundance Film Festival. The film is directed by Phyllida Lloyd.

What is the story about?

'Herself' starts off on a sad note, with Sandra (Clara Dunne) turning into a single mother as the result of moving away from her abusive husband. Sandra has two daughters to take care of as well, along with the added pressure of failing to find themselves a home despite taking two jobs at the same time. Things get better when an old woman offers support, but Sandra now has to build herself a DIY home, with her husband returning to draw further horror.


With a strong level of emotions that superbly transfer themselves from the screen to our hearts, Herself rolls out as an emotional story that gets deeper and deeper with the passing minute, allowing us to get into the skin of the character played by Dunne and feel for the characters in the film. Lloyd pitches the film on an on-the-face, a thread-bare stage that opens up all the troubles together and slowly pieces them together like a jigsaw puzzle that has been tossed into the air. As Dunne fights her way through the issues onscreen, we are fed with more sympathy that makes it a relatable and impactful tale of women empowerment, even though it has been made on a small scale.


Clara Dunne is doubtlessly the star of the show, putting all the other characters in the backseat and gobbling up all our attention from the start to finish. It is a film that demands her presence in every scene, and she ensures that there are no stones unturned when it comes to her performance.

Music & Other Departments

Lloyd must be lauded for the interesting use of music in the film, which makes it an unexpected turn for a film of this sort. The cinematography is neat and does not affect the flow of the film.


Clara Dunne’s performance is the biggest plus of the film, apart from the fact that the story manages to entangle you in its problems.


The slow pacing of the film and the high level of emotions may not work for all.

Did I enjoy it?

Herself is not a film that you could enjoy, but it surely did keep me invested in it.

Do I recommend it?

Yes. If you don’t mind a part of it being a tearjerker, this is definitely worth a watch.

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