Hey Prabhu S2 Review

Hey Prabhu, let youth die with the young and give us something better

Rhea Srivastava -

Hey Prabhu S2 Review
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There was a time when men, all of the age of 18, were off fighting wars. In the 60s, a supposed slacker, Benjamin Braddock, was coming-of-age at 21. The new millennium taught us that adulting can come at any time we choose (to be fair, that last one might have been established just to make some of us feel better about not getting it on in the race…) which made men (and women) believe that it might be okay to parade around like someone half your age, and it’s actually intriguing if not attractive as long as you’re a good person.

What is the story about?

Say ‘Hey’ (or don’t, whatever) to Tarun Prabhu. An entire season has gone in rehabilitating his image on Twitter when it was revealed by a former lover that he can’t get that reliable ol’ boner. Anyway, Tarun is some kind of social media wiz at a news agency, even though we never see him show up at work let alone do it. Yet, he has a decently paying job, just moved out of his parents house into a friend’s palatial apartment (at no rent), and is in a budding romance with a beautiful colleague. What kind of crazy will this season bring?


Well, none… really. I don’t know who sanctions shows like ‘Hey Prabhu’ because I can’t fathom a world in which anyone watches them. The ‘overgrown manchild’ trope works on a wafer-thin hook - the good guy will grow up, even if it is at the hand of a girlfriend, a fake girlfriend, a father (figure), a sibling, or babies. For Prabhu, he has all of these people in his life. His non-girlfriend Arunima puts her foot down that she wants to take their relationship slow, and tells him off publicly when he can’t take it. His friend Sikka supports his lifestyle in every way possible, even enabling him to move on from last season’s embarrassment. In spite of being the world’s worst employee, he has two supportive bosses who get him out of every folly (including a big hack that costs him his job). This guy has everything and he learns nothing. The season ends with a big personal revelation that may get Tarun to stand on his feet, but I cannot waste 300 minutes of my life getting to that point, and then waiting for a few months to see it happen. No Prabhu, you’re not all that. 

And he really isn’t. In most comedies of this nature, the man is played by a likable sort of bloke but he has several sweet and endearing qualities as a character. It really isn’t Rajat Barmecha’s fault, because what’s an actor to do when no attention has been paid to give his character any depth. Tarun drifts through his daily life without an ounce of purpose or motivation. He cheap-talks and basically just… hangs around. The first few episodes of season 2 are spent in mostly pointless moment after pointless moment, a random party, a make-out sesh. The main twist comes way into episode 6 and Tarun is shown trying to be helpful and useful in episodes 9 and 10. There’s so much time taken to get to the damn point in the midst of unfunny jokes, unlikable characters, a new-age media house that takes its work way too seriously, that you just lose all patience. 


Barmecha has shown his talent in ‘Udaan,’ and seems natural in those Amazon ads, so I know he has the capability of giving a good performance. ‘Hey Prabhu’ is not the place to showcase that. Most of the other performances are average to forgettable. The only people who seem to be doing their job are veteran actors Rituraj (as Tarun’s dad), and Achint Kaur (as his no-nonsense editor/boss lady).

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I don’t know, man. There’s a bunch of young people who roll around on the bed and make out a lot. And MXPlayer is free. Find your silver lining.


The existence of unfunny and shoddily-made shows like ‘Hey Prabhu’ which takes three meandering seasons to show that every immature boy has a redeemable arc (and maybe not even then), is just a bad influence on society. If you’re not likable with a heart of gold, then you better grow up quick because no girl is going to wait for you to get there, bro. It’s old. 

Did I enjoy it?

I have zero tolerance for any protagonist (any age, male or female) who isn’t resolving a tangible conflict, even in a comedy. ‘Hey Prabhu’ is a pointless show and that makes it more worthless than a badly-made one.

Do I recommend it?


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