Hiccups & Hookups (2021) Review

This comedy on relationships and dating is awkward at places

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Hiccups & Hookups (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

The show talks about the Rao family in Bengaluru. Vasudha and Akhil are two siblings who have very complicated love lives. While Vasudha tries to grapple with the emotional fallout of her husband cheating on her, Akhil spends his days going out on online dates, using the app he himself created. Vasudha and Akhil try and navigate the chaotic dating scene in Bengaluru, while Vasudha's daughter Kay goes on her own journey of self-discovery.


Hiccups & Hookups could certainly give audiences the idea they're watching a Bengaluru-based version of Four More Shots Please, but it's not that. There are frequent references to sex and dating, and there are several adult jokes, but it is about three people trying to find meaning in their lives at different ages. Vasudha's journey, for instance, is the most interesting of the lot, and it is fascinating to see how she stumbles and picks herself up in Bengaluru's dating scene. All the sexual escapades are intertwined with the Rao siblings' own uncomfortable equation with their parents, making for an explosive family dramedy.
It sounds great on paper, and even on screen, there are some clever and downright hilarious moments, but there are others where Hiccups & Hookups tries too hard. You can almost sense the makers trying to make this a better adaptation of the American series Casual, but sometimes the scenarios co trives in the screenplay just don't click. It's infuriating, because this is a comedy show where the casting for most characters is actually spot-on, and there is a general sense of ease among the actors as they play off each other. This is why this show, in spite of its fantastic premise, ends up being an average adult comedy.


Lara Dutta has an impeccable comic timing, and she brings her experience to the insecure, bumbling and under-confident character of Vasudha. It is just a joy to watch her in certain scenes. Shinova Soni perfectly captures the angst of young adulthood as Kay, while Prateik Babbar is dependable as the casanova Akhil. Meiyang Chang is all right as Rinzing, who shares a complex equation with both Vasudha and Akhil, while Divya Seth Shah is terrific as the Rao's intimidating mother Gayatri. The rest of the cast are okay.

Music & Other Departments

The cinematography and production design are decent.


  • Relationship between Vasudha and Akhil
  • Performances by Lara Dutta, Shinova Soni and Prateik Babbar
  • Some laugh-out-loud moments in the screenplay


Some scenarios in the screenplay will appear alien to Indian audiences.

Did I enjoy it?

I found certain portions funny, but there are others which are cringe-inducing.

Do I recommend it?

You can give this a watch if zany urban "adult" comedies are your jam. But if you're looking for comedy that is more broad-based, this is not that kind of show.

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