Hollywood Styling review: Story of the behind-the-scenes glamour

Hollywood Styling review: Story of the behind-the-scenes glamour
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Hollywood Styling is bound to be deeply engaging for someone who is interested in fashion and seeks to learn something more than watching celebrities walking on ramp shows. We see a number of Hollywood stars walking on the red carpet and stylists who jump to stretch their attires in the right way. That man is Jason Bolden and he along with his husband basically begins the series. Jason is a celebrity stylist and you wouldn’t know about him unless you care deeply about the fashion industry. His job includes, styling Hollywood celebrities, finding the right kind of accessories for his high profile clients and most importantly make sure that his A list clients stand out at the fashion show. His husband Adair is an interior designer who makes sets of live reality shows and houses of well established Hollywood celebrities. (This might also be the perfect show for parents who believe engineering, doctor, lawyer, are the only professions that pay you well.) Hollywood Styling shows two fascinating journeys, the one of the stylist and the other of the celebrities wearing them. We watch them, we admire them, and then brutally make memes and trolls. Maybe after watching the hard work that goes behind the making of such appearances, we might want to stop being mean, and maybe consider a career switch instead. Honestly, that seems like way better than a regular 9-5 job you are stuck at, inside the four walls of your office. We yawn when we wake up early morning at 5am to catch the winners of Emmy, Oscar, Grammy; we have stylists who have no time to pause and yawn for almost three continuous days where they rehearse, dress rehearse, walk rehearse and rehearse again to make sure their designs sit right. This was a glimpse that is bound to develop new perspectives.

Ratings: 3.5/5 stars

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