HoneyMoon Review

This light and breezy rom-com series is both entertaining and engaging!

HoneyMoon Review
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HoneyMoon is a six-episode romantic web-series released onto Aha on the 27th of November and it stars Nagabhushana, Sanjana Anand, Pawan Kumar and others.

What is the story about?

Praveen (Nagabhushana) and Tejaswini (Sanjana) give their consent to an arranged marriage. After getting married, the two are set to go on a honeymoon, but it is planned by Praveen’s friends. While Sanjana expects a honeymoon abroad, Praveen disappoints by taking her to Kerala. What starts off as a trip with certain glitches and mishaps, turns out to be a journey loaded with unexpected events and a galore of emotions where the two learn a lot about each other. The whole unplanned situation turns out to be the best holiday ever.


The series is very chirpy and fun to watch as it holds a lot of comedy and the tragedy which they go through comes out to be very humorous for the audience. HoneyMoon contains a lot of mishaps and misunderstandings which makes it fun to watch when the innocent Praveen tries to handle them. There is a lot of sarcastic comedy and cute romance scenes which will impress you and keep you going. However, the show does dip a little in between in terms of captivity as it tends to get a little boring during the interim. HoneyMoon is adventurous, funny and contains a lot of cute moments that will have you smiling in many places.



Nagabhushana portrays a very cute and innocent role as Praveen and impresses in many places with his confused look and amusing character. Sanjana plays a quirky character where she excels with her cute outlook and sarcastic, but funny replies towards her co-actor. All the other actors did their roles justice as well.


Music & Other Departments

The background score of the whole series perfectly fit the situations and the events of the series. The picturesque shots of Kerala are to be well appreciated. There were no other great shakes or complaints regarding the other departments.


The comedy of the series is the main factor that keeps you going throughout the runtime.


Lip sync was not present in many places which made it quite disturbing to watch.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes, this show was fun in many places and had a lot of cute and charming moments, but it does dip down a little in between.

Do I recommend it?

If you’re looking for something to watch without putting a lot of mind into it, then this is a perfect watch for you as it is very light and is sure to keep you engaged for a while.

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