Hostel Daze S2 Review

Despite offering few laughs, this is an over exaggerated fare!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Hostel Daze S2 Review
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What is the story about?

Being the second season, the friends at Hostel Daze have now moved into their second year of college, and are going head-on with the further happy challenges in their life - ragging, interacting with people of the opposite sex, coming into terms with reality and so on. The series, over four episodes of 30 minutes each, catapults these emotions together. 


Hostel Daze’s second season is a step above the first, as it brings together a slightly better range of comedy and emotions rolled into one. However, the comics here are wildly crass and are targeted at the cheap level, which makes it tough to sit and watch for those who will take it too seriously. While some of the audiences will find the comics too exaggerated to watch, the others will find it to be a good stress buster. However, there is nothing more that the series has to offer and it would have been even worse if it didnt pull up its socks like it has done in the emotional final episode. 


Amidst the cast, Nikhil Vijay is the one who gets to play a fun-filled role and makes us laugh the most. The others in the list just fit the bill and have nothing much to do in otherwise basic cuts put together for the characters.

Music & Other Departments

Technically, Hostel Daze S2 is good and there are no big complaints about the show in these departments. 


The presence of Nikhil Vijay and his histrionics. 


The series has way too much junk language, mentions of porn and other such things which could have been easily avoided. 

Did I enjoy it?

In parts. Overall, it was a time pass watch. 

Do I recommend it?

Only if you belong to the youth gang, and liked Hostel Daze’s first season. 

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