Hotstar unveils its new logo Ahead of Disney+ Hotstar launch.

Hotstar unveils its new logo Ahead of Disney+ Hotstar launch.

Ahead of the launch of Disney Plus in India, which happens on 29th March, there are changes taking place at Hotstar - some behind the scenes and hidden from the public eye; and some quite apparent to anyone who cares to notice. There's a new update for Hotstar on the Android platform. And the most interesting thing about the new update is the new app logo and splash screen of Hotstar. It closely mirrors the looks and colours of the Disney Plus logo and splash screen.

Gone are the trademark black and green colours that defined Hotstar, within their place are the glorious royal blue colours of Disney Plus. Even the logo and its lettering have undergone a noticeable change. The new Hotstar logo is now remarkably similar to the Disney Plus logo. These are all tiny signs that point to the fact that Hotstar is quickly gearing up for the launch of Disney+ in the Indian digital space.

Disney Plus arrives in India on 29th March, leveraging the existing streaming services of Hotstar, and its humongous user base. Disney Plus acquired Hotstar as part of 21st Century Fox, which it bought last year. So obviously, it makes better sense to use the existing infrastructure of Hotstar to orchestrate the launch of their own platform on Hotstar.

As per reports in the media, Disney Plus will revamp the Hotstar app to have it conform with the user interface of Disney+. The subscription plans will also undergo upheavals, with Hotstar-Disney+ bundled plans on offer for existing and new subscribers. Pricing is one area that the two companies are extremely tight-lipped on. Let's see what the future holds. 29th March is just around the corner.

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