How did Avatar: The Last Airbender become the Number 1 Show?

Jeya Suriya -

How did Avatar: The Last Airbender become the Number 1 Show?

Avatar: The Last Airbender debuted on Nickelodeon in 2005, introducing audiences to Aang the cartoon character who can rule all four modes of elemental blending: wind, liquid, heat, and earth. The show had only three seasons. The world of Avatar has since continued with The Legend of Korra, but the admiration for the original series is immense.

Even though the animated show lingered on television through reruns, the series has found new breath with Netflix now.

The American Streaming Behemoth advertised on spring this year that the show would debut in OTT from May. Immediately after the announcement, the fans of the show got excited and expressed their love online. Still, for a show that departed approximately a decade ago, it was unclear just how presumptuous of a blockbuster The Last Airbender would be on Netflix. After the release, for the initial few days, the flick didn't make it to Netflix's Top 10 at all, but out of nowhere, the show rocketed to #1. 

One of the reasons for Avatar: The Last Airbender's revamped demand is based on the vehement aficionado base the series swelled in the antiquity. It made an enduring impact on several spectators 15 years ago, and they are obviously keen to revisit their favourite show. The show debuted on Nickelodeon to over 3 million viewers, and some of its most-viewed episodes surpassed 5 million. Another major reason is this is the first time the program has been accessible on a streaming service, so the convenience and availability of Netflix served thrust Avatar: The Last Airbender to be the streaming service's #1 show.

Netflix declared in 2018 that they are developing a live-action Last Airbender with the show's original makers. There hasn't been much news on it after, but that could change immediately. Now that Avatar: The Last Airbender is proven to be a huge draw for Netflix, interest in a live-action series could be even more precious. We at LetsOTT on behalf of the fans of the show wish to see a new season from Netflix.

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