How To Sell Drugs Online gets renewed for Season 3

Aparnna Hajirnis -

How To Sell Drugs Online gets renewed for Season 3

There is a good news for the fans of the hit German show on Netflix, How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast). The show has been renewed for season 3 as confirmed by the makers. The streaming giant Netflix has also confirmed that the show is their most-watched German original series. The dramedy comprising of 6 half-hour episodes follows the misadventures of two nerdy teenage boys who in a bid to earn some extra pocket money starts selling drugs online.

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Soon they end up becoming Europe's biggest dealers, but in season 2 their business is met with a lot of problems and hiccups. So far the story goes on to show that the duo ear 1 million euros and want to quit, but they are unable to do so. Also, they are now joined by a hacker, Kira. Together they are chased not just by the police but also by the gangsters.


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