Hulu sets sights on pulling more subscribers with new marketing strategy "One Hulu"

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Hulu sets sights on pulling more subscribers with new marketing strategy

Hulu is looking to pull in more subscribers to the Disney owned platform through the marketing strategy "One Hulu". The main aim is for the audience to start their viewing experience from the vast library of the streaming platform. As part of this, the interface design of platform has been changed so as to make it more interactive for viewers and advertisers. Hulu does boast of being one of the pioneers in the arena of streaming platforms in america with Disney reporting in February having 39.4 million subscribers to Hulu, with 4 million on the live bundle side, making Hulu the fifth-largest U.S. pay-TV operator. 

As part of the streaming service being provided to the subscribers, FX and Searchlight already have thier titles streaming in Hulu but the main task has been reconciling those titles with Hulu originals and making everything accessible to viewers and this summer Hulu is set to focus on its originals more. 

Hulu said it banded together with DixonBaxi on the last design approach, requesting that the firm evaluate ways it could improve its interface. The firm established that more younger subscribers are significantly more liable to believe web-based features to be "basic." Research likewise showed that consumers use images to explore and float towards things that move them from stress to unwinding, Hulu said. They anticipate that Hulu should be "fun, present day, basic and direct," adding that Hulu's green tone "is a source of power in brand cues and stands true to consumers."

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