Hum Purane Hoke Bhi Naye Review: Has Nothing Naya to Say

Hum Purane Hoke Bhi Naye Review: Has Nothing Naya to Say
Movie Rated
All Ages

Format: Short Film
Platform: Zee5
Movie Rated: All Ages
Genre: Drama
Language: Hindi
Digital Premiere: 19 May 2020
What Is The Story About?
When Dice Media’s Little Things first made its way on Youtube, it was considered a special gem because the syntax of the Indian web show at the time was of two types - either completely frivolous, or a big-budget thriller based on raw grit. Here came this little show which was keenly observant about two people who try to find joy in the everyday ordinary, even as they may not necessarily agree on what constitutes it. Post-Little Things, quite a few similarly conceptualised shows have made their way into OTT platforms, even in regional languages. Hum Purane Hoke Bhi Naye, even though a short film, is essentially in the same vein. But unlike other attempts in this genre, it lacks a little something which puts it at par with its predecessors.
Akshay and Pooja are a couple who are celebrating their anniversary at an upmarket restaurant in the city. As Pooja is busy typing on her phone, Akshay spends his time observing the diners at other tables (specifically this one group) and making his observations known to his partner. Over the course of the night, some awkward and funny moments take place. 
By no means is the theme for Hum Purane Hoke Bhi Naye unrealistic, that is for certain. We all have either seen or been that twosome who spend even their most special moments doing the most mundane. Akshay and Pooja are a simple couple who have just come to eat pasta for dinner at a restaurant. But if we were to break down the little vignettes of occurrences that take place with them, they lack any real context or depth. At one point, they are offered a complimentary cake from the restaurant but the exchange from Akshay’s side is more random than real. Pooja has nothing to say to her constant phone habit. They meet another couple which adds nothing to the screenplay, and finally, they leave the restaurant (cake in hand) to spend the later part of the evening at Marine Drive to the crescendo of a romantic song. It’s supposed to be sweet and thoughtful, which it really would be if you saw a real couple off the street doing. But the reason it doesn’t seem all that anything in the film is that there are certain filmmaking techniques used to make it seem thoughtful… it doesn’t come out naturally, making the direction by Shaheen Rabiya Muhammed look quite average. 
The film relies on three characters completely. Obviously more on Randeep Jha as Akshay and Rajshri Deshpande as Pooja. Both these actors have somebody of work to their name and do a competent enough job, albeit sometimes too restraint or stoic. In fact, the best performance is the subtle snigger of the actor who plays the waiter who serves the couple at the restaurant.
The exchanges between the waiter and Akshay and Pooja are genuine eye-roll funny. The film ends with some animated visuals about a couple just going about their day which is pretty sweet. 
The film relies on a borrowed concept. Neither does it have a fresh perspective nor is it particularly well observed. 
Music and Other Departments
The music by Sameer Rahat seems to borrow from previous scores for such shows and films - a subtle jazz feel. But the film looks beautiful with Marine Drive in the rain, as well as the elite disposition of the Juhu restaurant. 
Did I Enjoy It?
Not really. It seemed dull.
Do I Recommend It?
It’s a short film which is barely a time-consuming watch. But you can just watch Little Things or Aani Kay Hava instead - superior in the romantic dramedy genre.

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