Hum Tum and Them – A fun filled family drama that’s quite out of sorts

Hum Tum and Them – A fun filled family drama that’s quite out of sorts
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Parenting with a divorce on hand can be complicated. But what is even more complicated is having teenagers on your hand. ZEE5 and AltBalaji have recently launched ‘Hum Tum and Them’ streaming since the 6th of December 2019. This cute and yet complicated, and fun-filled family drama has answered a lot of questions for the modern-day working Indian family, who have teenage kids.

The plot

‘Yudi’ (Akshay Oberoi) is a carefree father of three teenage kids. These kids live in Kasuli with their grandparents. Yudi makes his way to the hill station to meet with them once every six months, for a nominal duration of three days. But things are slightly different this time. Yudi’s in-laws are to go to the States for their grandmother’s treatment. And it is now Yudi’s turn to take charge of the three kids. Yudi’s oldest son Aryan (Bhavin Bhanushali) is a young aggressive and protective brother to his other two siblings. He resents his father’s ways of displaying an irresponsible attitude towards his kids. He makes this apparent with the event scene that happens around them. Yudi’s daughter Wi, is a bit of a daredevil. She loves herself and seeks comfort in her younger brother. She is only sixteen but she cannot wait to go out and have sex.

On the other hand, we have Shiva (Shweta Tiwari) and Nikhil. Shiva has wanted out of her marriage with Nikhil, as she did want her daughter Jahan (Sara Gesawat) to witness the growing evils between mother and father. Jahan, being the stubborn oaf that she already is, seems to complicate matters between Nikhil and Shiva in lieu of the ‘imagination’ of being cast aside by both her parents. Shiva does everything in her power to make her daughter feel at ease. yet, on the other side, there is another story that unfolds.

While Yudi is in Kausali to meet with his kids, Shiva too had planned a little vacation to Kausali with her daughter. Jahan opts out on the first day, leaving Shiva feeling listless on a holiday that she so lovingly planned. Shiva spends the night in the hotel getting drunk and happens to pop in a room where Yudi has accidentally parked himself. Cupid has done its work, but wait, the love and the passion brews from the next day.

The Plusses

The dialogues are witty and rounded off with the perfect comic timing. The close scenes are aesthetically shot. I have never seen Shweta Tiwari display her bold self, and get all out over there. Yudi certainly looks a lot younger than 40. In fact, his son Aryan looks and acts a little more like 40. The plot shows the facts of life using a liberal bout of wit and humor. The funniest scene revolves around Yudi’s first encounter with parenting. He is met with a very difficult situation in learning that his daughter has picked up condoms. He does brave the double standard dialogue, but at the same time, he is genuinely concerned about his daughter’s well being.

The Drawbacks

The production is weak at places. Also, the plot is a bit confusing especially when at times Nikhil is shown operating from another office, and at times he is shown working in the same office as Shiva. The direction could have been better. There are times when kids are taking parents for a ride, but the process that is shown is a bit amateur because kids do have bigger plans than the ones shown in the series. Perhaps that could have been emphasized to enliven the plot.

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