I Care A Lot Review

Rosamund Pike shines in this gripping tale of a cold, manipulative woman

I Care A Lot Review
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What is the story about?

Marla Grayson is a social service worker who looks after ailing, senior citizen. Little do they know she is secretly embezzling funds from their savings, but by legal means. She carries on the scam with her lover Fran (Eiza González). Their next victim is Jennifer Peterson(Dianne West), a wealthy retiree who has no living family. Their best-laid plans go awry when they face someone equally shady and sketchy from Jennifer's past. They come face-to-face with a gangster (Peter Dinklage) and they realize that the only way to get past him is to play dirty. 


We have grown-up watching movies and series with female characters who are always perfect and can do no bad. However, Gen-Z realised that it is unrealistic to always put female characters on a pedestal be it movies or series. The current crop of filmmakers and content creators have understood it well and that is why we get to see a lot of female characters that seem flawed, yet real. Even though a dark comedy, 'I Care A Lot' has specks of surrealism and drama to it. At some point, you cannot stomach all the treachery onscreen shown by the arresting Rosamund Pike. This movie rankles and rouses us by the mere presence of Ms. Pike. She is a cold, manipulative woman driven hard by ambition. The plot presented to us is both slick and vivid. 


Rosamund Pike with her razor-sharp wit is the star of the movie. Seeing her in a cold and conwoman avatar makes you squirm and marvel at her acting chops. Peter Dinklage is low-key chilling as a mobster and Chris Messina as a smooth-talking lawyer has done a decent job as well.

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The movie has been shot very well indeed. It is a slick, caper focusing on guardianship scams. The background scores that play during the runtime of the film are both retro and contemporary. 


Watch the film for Rosamund Pike who plays the role of a despicable woman fooling and scamming senior citizens with a lot of finesse. 


The film could have been turned into series and explored more into the backstories of the characters. 


Did I enjoy it?

I loved it! Clearly makes it to one of my most loved performances by Rosamund Pike after 'Gone Girl'.

Do I recommend it?

Watch it. This movie is simply engrossing and will keep you on the edge of your seats. 

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