I Love You, Stupid Review: Few laughs aside, a lazy effort at making a romantic comedy​​​​​​​

I Love You, Stupid Review: Few laughs aside, a lazy effort at making a romantic comedy​​​​​​​
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Format: Web Series
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 18+ (Sex, Nudity, Language)
Genre: Drama, Romance

Netflix has been adding a lot of Spanish content to its library, and while they might be because of the attention that Money Heist has grabbed, the quality of what we get seems to be poles apart. Taking all the usual cliches of a romantic comedy and stitching it together, the platform's latest offering in 'I Love You, Stupid' is a barely engaging watch, to say the least.

What's the story about? 
Quim Guitierrez plays Marcos, an average man whose life is turned upside down when he loses both his girlfriend of 8 years and his job within the space of just 2 days. Disappointed and put down, Marcus tries to update himself to the current world by changing his wardrobe, attitude, styling and even goes to the extent of finding a love guru online and using dating apps. However, the return of an old friend in Raquel (Natalia Tena) changes things for the better. 
There's nothing great to take home in any of the performances in this film, but for Natalia Tena who has a very charming presence right from her entry into the film. The scenes featuring Quim and her are indeed the best ones in the film, and though they are packed with dialogues that we might have seen in many other films, they do manage to hit the sweet spot at times. 
With a plot that is too familiar and easy for a romantic comedy, there's nothing much to contest in here for director Launa Mara, who even takes the easy way out for her tropes and characters. There are the occasional laughs which will crack you up, but if you look a little deeper into the homework that has gone into the film, it does come off as a lazy effort. 
Music and other departments
The technical aspects of the film are strictly functional, but there's something to write about the usage of songs in the film, especially when the climax sequence is built around one. Fans of How I Met Your Mother will be able to relate to this one better. 
Natalia Tena's performance and the likeable usage of music in the film are the sole plus points. 
The lack of a fresh approach to the ordinary storyline is what acts against the film. The lead actor doesn't make much of a good impression too. 
Did I enjoy it?
Not quite. I've seen many other rom-coms that have scored much better. 
Do I recommend it? 
Go watch I Love You, Stupid only if you are left with a lot of time with little to do. 

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