Ikkat (2021) Review

A mediocre attempt at an in-house comedy, shot during the lockdown!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Ikkat (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Vasu (Nagabhushana) and Mrs. Vasu (Bhoomi Shetty) are a couple on the verge of getting themselves a divorce, before they are forced to stay together due to the coronavirus lockdown. However, they will be joined by a deadly duo who will bring them together, trouble them to the core and put them in a state of further bother. 


Despite being a film shot during the lockdown, Ikkat is really really small as almost 99% of the film takes place inside a single 2BHK. The film tries to make itself as quirky as possible, but cannot help itself much and is stuck to the budgetary look of a short film. What makes the film mildly enjoyable are the two characters of husband and wife, and the relationship secrets they share between themselves. Ikkat really treads on a path where some scenes are funny, and the others turn out to be very lame. 


Nagabhushana indeed turns up well and does a fine job playing the troubled husband who has a tough time making choices, and is well supported by his on-screen wife Bhoomi Shetty who gets a couple of dark shades too. However, the entry of Sunder into the film dilutes its pace, and makes it a partly irritating affair of sorts, which could have been brushed down. 

Music & Other Departments

Ikkat has a neat technical output - it would have been really challenging for the cinematography team to put together such a product, with the frames being limited to the insides of the house. 


The buzz between the two lead characters keeps this going. 


The film could have been more funnier through its dialogues, which are basic material and never punch above their weight. 

Did I enjoy it?

Not much. I was equally irritated and tickled throughout the film. 

Do I recommend it?

Only if you have nothing else to watch, for this is a decent affair that could have been funnier. 

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