Illegal Season 1 Review: The sinister upheaval of injustice & loopholes in the legal system.

Illegal Season 1 Review: The sinister upheaval of injustice & loopholes in the legal system.
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Format: Series
Platform: Voot Select
Movie Rated: 16+ 
Genre: Drama, Crime, Legal 

What is the story about? 
The Indian law is filled with loopholes. There are people who get away with the most heinous crimes, and there are others who are still struggling to make amends with the law. ‘Illegal’ on Voot, is premised around Janardhan Jaitely’s (Piyush Mishra) law firm, that he runs together with his son Akshay Jaitley (Akshay Oberoi). The firm earns a reputation of earning victory by hook or by crook. Janardhan Jaitley can do anything to get his political career started, and keep from defeat. His political ways extend well beyond the realm of the court. One day he hires Niharika Singh (Neha), who is infamously termed as a ‘Mad Lawyer’, to fight the Meher Salam (Kubra Sait) case. On witnessing her progressive ways, the firm decides on giving her the responsibility of Neeraj Shekhavat rape case. The victim has committed the offence, and Niharika was entitled to clean up the mess and give him a clean chit. This goes well against Niharika’s principles, and she does the exact opposite of what the firm expects her to do, unknowingly hitting the axe on her toes. 
I have only one word for the performance of every character! That is ‘INTENSE’. It seems like each character has delved into the skin of the plot and explored the nuances of the characters in a rather organic manner. Kubra Sait, who’s essayed more prominent roles in the past with the ‘Sacred Games’ has hit just another milestone, as she plays Meher Salam. She has researched every aspect of the part that she is playing as though it seems trivialized; she has played a prolific role! Akshay has enjoyed delivering a very multi-dimensional character. He showcases myriad moods, and plays every part as a businessman, a lawyer, a husband, a friend, and a lover, in the most convincing fashion. Hats off Akshay, I’d say you’ve uplifted your stance! Neha seems to revitalize her skill-set with the part she is playing! Her approach is simply dynamic and will prove to become an inspiration to many upcoming lawyers. Janardhan Jaitley convinces me to hate him! If I had it my way, I’d punch him if I’d see him on the road. Which in retrospect makes him a phenomenal actor! I love the way he establishes himself as a sweet-talking, easygoing diplomat, who gets it the ‘highway or my way’ style! Satyadeep Mishra’s character could get confusing in the start, but as the story progresses, one can join the dots, and establish the what’s and why’s. 
The back-story to the plot is just as intense as the plot itself! The ambiguities of the back-stories only clear up, as the plot progresses. However, one still has questions on Rohini’s (Kitu Gidwani) mysterious murder, which isn’t exactly resolved. Akshay is in the dark about many aspects.  Who is Onir? And Why does his ghost haunt Puneet? In spite of the strength of the plot there are certain aspects that cannot be overlooked. I am hoping there is a season 2 to this interesting series. 
Music and other departments 
The production is slightly flawed, as one cannot gauge the date and time of the evidence that’s been put out. Hence the viewer’s have a very cloudy representation of the court rebuttals. I loved the way Sue (Kriti Vij) carries herself in the show. Her part as a psychologist shows up at the exacting moment and she helps set a progressive stance to Neha Sharma’s narrative. Neha’s narrative indeed set the tone and the pace to the plot giving it variety. 
We are now aware of the flaws in the Indian legal system of real. It is interesting to learn how there isn’t any woman executioner assigned while we’ve basked in the glory of independent India over the last 70 years! It also questions the stance of a woman in India. Are we trivialized or does or mythology compel us to laud women in the light of being that Goddess that cannot commit any crime. 

Too many back-stories to look back to! 

Did I enjoy it? 
Yes I did 

Do I recommend it and why? 
Yes, I do. There is no better way of understanding the Indian legal system and the kind of corruption that gets involved in the making of the same. 

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