In Between Ferns Review – All ferns and no petals

In Between Ferns Review – All ferns and no petals
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I was trying my best to word this one, and pull it to a liberal 450 to 500 words would prove to be challenging. So, let us see how far can I stretch this one! ‘Between Two Ferns’, the Netflix Original film is about Zack Galinfianakis’s dream talk show! It has been streaming live since the 20th of September 2019, and is well… let me try holding my horses here before I spill out the beans, it's supposed to be a show that garners some crazy ratings, but it’s the most appalling show ever! It has been Zack’s dream to have his own show on Prime Time Television! Right from shooting in a studio in North Carolina, he has been traveling around all across the United States interviewing prominent celebrities. The plot is pathetically weak; it is capacitated to possess the qualities of a sedative putting one away to sleep! Wondering how Netflix invested in such a weak plot! It isn’t even half as compelling to watch! However, what is most interesting is the way Zack G conducts his interviews. The show is staged between two lush looking potted ferns, and against a black packer. Two chairs are diagonally angled between the ferns, and this is where Zack G, and the invited celebrity are seated. Now Zack being the man he is… hurls the most awkward questions to his guests. All this is done unassumingly and the guest is taken off-guard, on national television. Viewers simply love the controversy he creates! But the celebrities hate him! They are only on the show for the publicity they receive. There are a few wittier guests who also make a joke out of him, and he pretty much takes it in his stride to make the show work! He finds support in Carol (played by Lauren Lapkus), and eventually the rest of his team, comprising of two camera-man, and an African- American sound expert. The four of them paint LA red, till they complete the 10 celebrity interviews as demanded by Will Ferelle (A big-time TV host and producer), to earn their own spot on Prime Time. Zack does it! He wins his spot but is on the verge of losing his team as he has washed out his original ways, with the clean and new ways of LA. His team is on the verge of leaving him, but what happens then is for you to watch. Scott Aukerman is the director, producer, and writer of the film! The film is raw and the bucolic edge it has is what appeals to me the most! Zack has managed to give out a few jokes on the nick of time, to save the boat from sinking. The film can be rated at a rather stretched 1.5/5.  

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