In Conversation with Aditya Sarpotdar

In Conversation with Aditya Sarpotdar

With Voot Select’s, ‘The Raikar Case’ doing the rounds, there was one very pressing question that I was compelled to ask this very talented director, Aditya Sarpotdar. The question is, “With season one of the Raikar Case emerging as a powerful hit, will you be coming up with season two?” 

I could hear him laugh as soon as I inquired about the same, and his reply was, “Yes indeed! We’re coming up with season two. It’s going to be a lot more exciting than season one. There are many loose ends that are going to be tied, and many more created in the process as well! The series has several back-stories to the emergence of each character, which will surface in season two.” 

‘The Raikar Case’ marks the director’s debut in the making of a series. “I have enjoyed making ‘The Raikar Case’. I am partial to crime and drama, but this one is unique in more than ways! The ‘Raikar Case’ forms a deep connection with the Indian family. The element of the crime, and the evolving mystery helps the story to evolve very favourably. While making the series, I had to ensure that I would live up by the dictum that Voot had spelt out for us. ”

 It is interesting to learn, that as the digital medium widens its horizon, it renders more scope to creative writers to explore areas that have never been earlier touched upon. “However, as a director, while making a series, I’ve had to be very careful about timing and ensure everything was in order. This includes everything from how the character evolves to how the plot progresses and everything in between, should fall in place. This indeed takes me to watch a lot many series and do my homework.”, he laughs.    

Aditya adds, that he’s like to be involved very formative stages of the making of the plot. If not, then he won’t take up to directing the movie or the series. 

While making the Raikar Case, Aditya has opted to work with very prominent Marathi actors. “The Marathi cinematic culture is profound and rooted in theatre. This also means that the cast has certain fineness, and communicating with them becomes a lot easier. The Nayak Raikar family is traditionally a Maharashtrian family, hence working with the cast from that arena made the making of the series a lot easier for me.” Aditya also adds that clarity is the key. If the director is clear and is able to seamlessly communicate his expectations from the actor, then the task becomes a lot easier. 

From the very early stages of the formation of the storyline, there are certain questions I’d ask myself. For instance, which medium would I watch this story on? Would it be the television or my own tablet, or could I take the plot to the cinema? Could it evolve favourably if the characters and the plot were more nuanced? What all would it take to render the twists and turns suitably to enthuse the audience? 

Aditya has worked on a plethora of subjects. On inquiring about the same he adds, “I’d like to explore stories in different genres. Sticking to the same variety is restricting, and impinges the flow of creativity. ” In fact, the Marathi film ‘Classmate’ has done exceedingly well, as a youth thriller. He has even worked on something as rare as ‘The Sholay Girl’ (ZEE5), a story that is premised around Reshma, India’s first stuntwoman. While the director is couped up in at his residence during the lockdown phase, he is busy scripting newer pieces. He keenly waits to get back to the floor and resume the shooting of some of the Marathi films, that he’s currently working on. 





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