In conversation with Kalpika Ganesh - I am here to stay

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In conversation with Kalpika Ganesh - I am here to stay

Ruby is one of the strongest women in Loser. Due to lack of support, Ruby fails in reaching the heights she wanted to scale in her life. So she knows the pain of a woman whose dreams have never come true. 
Actress Kalpika Ganesh breathed life into the role of Ruby and nobody else than her could have played the role of Ruby better. Kalpika is on cloud nine with the success of the series. 
Kalpika, what is Ruby to you? What about her interested you so much that you stepped into her shoes?
Ruby, and Loser…both are very special to me. I had been waiting for that one character which would give me the much-needed break and I am glad that Ruby is the one. Loser series is close to my heart. The character has tons of emotions to portray. I have done many roles where I am always the matured one on screen. But this one is a deep and intense role which I had to show many variations. The character of Ruby has all the capability to push the story forward, and help Suri Yadav in making it big. Also, I haven’t done anything related to sports until Loser. So on the whole, I am grateful for playing Ruby on screen. 
You play a victim of marital rape in this series. Were you comfortable with it?
Most of the roles I have played in films are as sister or friend to the lead actors. I am against stereotyping. Also, there has been some gap in doing films and I was badly craving for one good role that would satisfy the actor within. That’s when the character of Ruby came to me and I didn’t have a second thought. It didn't really bother me to play a victim of marital rape. It has a strong message that needs to be addressed and that was important.  I have received many messages from young girls and women have on social media platforms telling me how they relate to the character of Ruby and what brought tears to their eyes. This was what I was craving for and I am elated now. 
You have been around for a long time but success has just come to you... Has it been a struggle to get here..
I started with Prayaanam then, after doing many films and managing my job, I decided to make acting a full-time job. I also felt that when the time was right, things will work out for me. Success may have just come but I have no regrets. 

I must say that the struggle begins now. Going forward, it would be a struggle to live up to the expectations of the audiences after playing Ruby and finding those characters which would only elevate my image. So the real struggle starts now. I hope to scale many more heights. I want to do roles that help me improve as an actor. In the past, there have been many offers that I had not taken up as I was not ready to do just any role. I guess the wait was worth it, now that Loser happened. Currently, I am enjoying this phase of success. 

It's said that you are inspired by Radhika Apte. Can you tell us what do you like the most about her and what inspires you?
Radhika Apte is a big name in Bollywood. Not because of the hits or films she has in her kitty, but for the roles, she has played. From being a typical sanskari wife to a bold modern woman who doesn’t care about what the world thinks of her. She has played many strong roles which don’t leave you so quickly. Her performance is so captivating that when we watch her acting for the first time we would definitely want to watch every other film of hers. So as an actress, that is what I call versatility and that’s what inspires me about her. 


This is your second time working with Abhilash, what is it that you like most about his work?
It is not all the time that an artist gets the chance to interact directly with the director. When it comes to casting in films, the process is entirely different from web series. So being able to discuss and interact with the man behind the series is what I liked the most about working with him. When I worked with him for Ekkadiki Ee Parugu, I saw a dedicated filmmaker. The way he narrates the story, how he justifies every scene, his craftsmanship and his passion for cinema and storytelling is something that I admire.  


Can you share some feedback that you have received for Loser?
It has been amazing. Fans show so much love for Ruby's character. Many have even told me that they couldn’t recognise me. Only after they searched for the cast on social media, that they realised it is Kalpika Ganesh. I am getting calls from various directors and media people who are praising my work and how nicely my role was written. It is such a nice experience hearing good things about my role. So I can say that Ruby is the best role I have done so far after my debut role in Prayanam movie. 



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