In conversation with Priyadarshi Pulikonda - I want to tell good stories to the Audience

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 In conversation with Priyadarshi Pulikonda - I want to tell good stories to the Audience

If you are someone who has nothing but circumstances on your way to success, then it means that destiny definitely has something for you. Well, the credit goes just to you, or those who have helped you in reaching the success point. 
Priyadarshi Pulikonda plays Suri Yadav, an air rifle shooter from the early 2000s in this series. 
Darshi is a finesse actor who needs no introduction. Besides entertaining audiences with his comedy timing and spontaneity, he is an amazing performer on screen and someone who is always ready to take up roles that make him work hard to give his best. He is definitely one of the most sought after actor of Telugu film industry. 


But to reach the position he is in today, he had to go through a lot of struggles and the profession he chose, is not a bed of roses. More than Priyadarshi, he is known as Kaushik, the role he reprised in Pellichoopulu, the film which brought him into limelight. Since then, he has been entertaining the audiences with some meaty and impressive roles.
In an interview with, the actor talks about the series, the challenges he faced, what is it that he liked the most, and a lot more.


Your digital debut with Loser is nothing less than a surprise. You were busy with back to back films. So what made you step into the shoes of Suri Yadav?

As an actor, I always wanted chances to explore new subjects. So I thought Loser, being a web series, would help me in exploring the actor within. The best thing about this series is the script. The narrative, making style, character and a lot more about Loser is interesting. So when I have got a chance to give my best to it, and try something that I haven’t done till now, why not go for it is what I thought. So since then, I have given my best to the role of Suri Yadav. I was thinking that audiences might not want to watch in me OTT also as they have been watching me in films already. So to satisfy them, I wanted a perfect and good script to make my digital debut and thankfully, I got Loser. 


There are many other artistes in the series and you are not the only one. So weren’t you afraid that the limelight would shift from you?
I don’t want to become a star. I am an actor and want to learn the craft. I never care about the limelight and have never wanted the roles in play to be the only essential point in the script. For example, let us talk about Money Heist. People have been going bananas over this series. Audiences in our country don’t even know who they are. But suddenly, one day, we all began singing ‘Bella Ciao’ and have been talking about Denver, Nairobi, Professor and Tokyo. So what I want to say is, all you need is a good story and performance to impress people. That’s what I always wanted. 


So to play an air rifle shooter, did you undergo any special training?
I first studied my character. Then I began learning more about Suri Yadav and started understanding his situation. And to step into the shoes of an air rifle shooter, I was trained for a month. I attended the basic and beginners course of an air rifle shooter and then learnt its nuances. Also, some physical exercise and fitness training was a must. 


Tell us about working experience with director Abhilash Reddy.
Abhilash is an amazing person and director. All that he wanted to make was on the paper and shot what was on the paper. He did what he said. Could be the emotions of the other characters or even the journey of all of them…Abhilash was sure of what he was making. He knows what he wants and was sure about the craft. Sometimes, in between the making, an artist will be able to understand whether his director has the knowledge and clarity to make a film. Abhilash was up to the mark. When he was not happy with my performance or wants to make any improvisations, he would come and explain what exactly he is looking for. 


What is special about Suri Yadav, and his story?
Suri Yadav is just like any other guy who is struggling to make his dreams come true. His story is inspiring and it has to be told. Not every individual might get the chance to pursue something they have always wanted to. Suri’s story tells why it is necessary to never lose hope and confidence, regardless of the circumstances and situations. 


So tell us about the response and feedback you have received for breathing life into Suri.
Frankly speaking, the response is amazing. Many have appreciated my performance and the series as well. All the artistes have done their roles well. I just couldn’t believe that people have liked Loser so much. So many people were talking about it on social media. It was a great feeling. 


People still call you Kaushik. isn’t it? Pellichoopulu has a special role in your life forever I guess.
After the release of Pellichoopulu and even till date, more than Priyadarshi, I am known as Kaushik. Many youngsters have called and told me back then, that there’s one guy in their respective gangs, who is just like Kaushik. Crazy, yet determined. That role has changed my life and also, it will remain close to my heart forever. 


Three months of lockdown period, and tell us what have you been doing in the free time?
Well, I have been busy doing nothing. I am not the one who wants to be a superhero. I have been doing the chores at home. Also, watching some amazing shows on OTTs and Money Heist is my favourite. I read some books, and yes, spending some quality time with family, which we usually don’t get to do when we shoot. 

LetsOTT wishes Priyadarshi many more successes to come!


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