In Conversation with the crew of ‘Four More Shots Please’

In Conversation with the crew of ‘Four More Shots Please’

‘Four More Shots Please’ is a series that can get easily compared to the famous international Television sitcom, ‘Sex and the City’. In spite of drawing strongly from the International sitcom, ‘Four More Shots Please’ is unique and original in its own right. The series evolves very organically by season two heightening flavours and graciously taking off from where it left in the last season. These are women who celebrate friendship, fashion and professional passion. But apart from it being labelled as a chick flick, there are many aspects that set the series apart, compelling critics to break away from the preconceived notion, and view the series in a different light. 

When ‘Four More Shots’ launched its first season, the crowds delivered mixed reviews on the outcome of the series. There were most who compartmentalized this as a ‘chick flick’, while there were many others, who spew comments on how the Indian ‘Sanskaar’ was thrown off the railing, and the urban Indian woman was basking in the glory of westernized learning’s. But most of these critiques have stated facts, shrouded in the cloak of negativity. According to Ranjeeta Nandy, the show co-ordinator, we learn, “It was the negative comments that got us the desired views. Unbelievable but true! Even guys who claim that the film is a chic-flick, seem to be soaking on the sights of these gutsy women from under their blanket (intelligent women are a sheer turn-on for most men!). In that case, how can this be termed as a chick flick? In fact, this is one of the series that celebrates the wit of a modern-day woman together with her gumption and her ability to fight the world back in style! This is a series that cherishes compelling content!”

Anu Menon, the director of Season 1 had already set the bars of the show on a high point. It was Nupur Asthana’s vision that helped this all women’s cast and crew deliver the fineness of emotions and steadfast characters of the four protagonists with absolute panache. “As a director, of the series ‘Four More Shots Please’ (Season 2) I have emerged as a stickler for perfection. I have tried, in the best of my ability to break away the preconceived notions and make the show about everyone rather than it being an all women’s play. I have focused on the finer details of emotions and the other dilemma that an urban woman can go through in her life. Interestingly, I was really lucky, cause by the second season the cast bonded really well, and their chemistry really put the screens on fire. This time the cast hasn’t only matured with the bonding, but they seemed to have gotten into the skin of each character better, helping me achieve what I really wanted as a director. 

Four More Shots please has a litter of everything that every viewer needs. There is family, drama, infidelity, sex, and most importantly the thrill of finding oneself, all neatly rolled up in one show; strategically sliced, and dished out to the viewers. Overall!A fantastic show, that celebrates the emancipation of both sexes. 

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