In The Name Of God Review

A languid crime drama that turns out to be a misfire of sorts!

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In The Name Of God Review
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What is the story about?

Priyadarshi plays Aadhi, a driver who struggles to make ends meet in Rajamundhry. On one day, Meena, the wife of Ayyappa (Posani Krishna Murali) calls up Aadhi and asks him for a favour. However, little does Aadhi know that he is falling into a twisted trap that will turn his life upside down and make him struggle for real. 


In the Name of God follows the generic tropes of every gangster drama which we have seen in the web series space - an underdog, guns and fights, lust and women, and of course - lots of profanity. The series does nothing new on the whole, and is busy beating around the bush for most of its runtime. With the plot that it has in hand, the writers could have at least set up some exciting scenes, but the same old patterns being followed time and again makes the series a boring watch. There are just a couple of stretches in the entire series which are worth our attention, the rest of it is just a collection of scenes which neither create interest nor impact. 


Priyadarshi does a fair job in the lead role, playing a vulnerable character and giving it the shades that it needs. He gets another chance to play a role that is not just about the comedy, and does a good job at it. The series also has fine performances from its supporting cast such as Nandini Rai, Mohammad Ali Baig and the rest. 

Music & Other Departments

The technicalities of the show are not great. The music is very basic, and keeps repeating a set of themes again and again. On the other hand, the cinematography is similar to shots taken on a videocam, and there is nothing special about it. 


Priyadarshi’s performance in an emotionally driven role is good to see.


The series is not able to uphold a certain amount of interest from the viewer consistently, and that’s a flaw for sure. 

Did I enjoy it?

No. For a show that had a fair amount of resources, it could have been better. 

Do I recommend it?

Not really. There is still a lot of room for improvement in gangster dramas when it comes to the regional space. 

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