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Stay indoors and stay away from this mess called Indori Ishq

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Indori Ishq Review
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What is the story about?

Kunal is a happy-go-lucky youngster, hailing from Indore, with an ambition to make it to the Merchant Navy in the future. His life revolves around his friend Hari Mathur and his parents while he has the hots for his classmate Tara. On the night of a concert in the town, he gathers the courage to propose to Tara and it doesn't take much time for them to be a couple. After completing his high school education, Kunal shifts his base to Mumbai to pursue his dreams and aims to sustain his long-distance relationship with Tara. However, his life takes a turn for the worse, be it romance or career. How will he deal with the lows in his life?


Indori Ishq is a juvenile romance revolving around a small-town boy who can't come to terms with the failed relationships in his life. There's nothing to root for, in this aimless show, pointlessly stretched across nine episodes that do little to take the story forward. The men are always desperately trying one trick after the other to woo the women they like. The men and women barely have a career for themselves but always make time for hookups, love advice, drugs and whatnot.
Most characters are aimless, manipulative and the setting doesn't feel rooted in reality at all - you are only shown one dimension of their personality. There's not even an iota of honesty in the storytelling, the leads keep finding excuses to use every popular cuss word in the dictionary. The jokes are unfunny and vulgar. Nearly everyone in the show is cheating someone or the other. A surprise twist in the later episodes warrants some interest and as if we're waiting for a second season, there's a cliff-hanger ending too. Indori Ishq takes itself too seriously for its one-liner of a story and makes noise for trivial reasons. Strictly avoidable.


Ritvik Sahore isn't a bad actor at all, but he struggles to salvage a story that doesn't have its heart in the right place. While he is way better in the light-hearted sequences, he struggles to portray the dark side to his character post his heartbreak. The female actors in the show but for Vedika Bhandari don't have much value to add to the proceedings. To put it mildly, the likes of Donna Munshi, Tithi Raaj, Meera Joshi are only hired to look good and nothing more. Aashay Kulkarni and Dheer Hira are passable while they last.

Music & Other Departments

The show creators find interesting ways to blend Altaf Raja's popular numbers in the various phases of the protagonist's life. The idea's interesting for sure but would've worked ideally for a better story than Indori Ishq. Technically, the show is visually appealing, shot exquisitely across the length and the breadth of the country by Vijay Mishra. Indori Ishq deserved a shorter length if it had ambitions to be labelled bearable. The writing lacks the vigour and wit needed to pull off a small-town romance.


  • Good cinematography
  • Smart use of Altaf Raja's music in the story


  • Wafer-thin storyline
  • Juvenile humour
  • Extremely lengthy and pointless for the most time

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