Industry Review

In spite of a decent second half, this vacuous drama struggles

Rony Patra -

Industry Review
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What is the story about?

A group of young interns join Pierpoint, a prestigious investment firm in London, and their race to win permanent positions in the company becomes the focus of this show.


Billed as a story of soaring ambitions and high-pressure situations, Industry, however, is a story that becomes hard to believe after a point. Set in the swish, jet-setting world of investment banking, the show would have you believe that it is putting out a path-breaking story of people losing control of their lives while getting lost in the promise and politics of the workplace. It wants you hard to believe that it’s a “smart” show for “smart” audiences.

The problem is that this show keeps gloating in its “smartness”, without actually devoting care to it. The dialogues sound really out-of-place, and the characters don’t feel fleshed out enough. The steamy sex scenes in the show are designed to be manipulative and make you think that people in their twenties can’t ever manage their lives in a mature way. In a way, Industry takes your intelligence for granted and fails to read the room. A show like this, with its gratuitous portrayal of parties, drugs and sex would’ve been heralded as a game-changer five years ago, but not anymore. If this show gets a second season, it needs to work on a lot of issues.


Myha’la Herrold is decent as Harper, the hustler who lies on her resume and does other unscrupulous work so that she can stay on at Pierpoint. Marisa Abela is as vulnerable and volatile as Harper’s colleague and roommate, Yasmin. The rest of the cast is just okay.

Music & Other Departments

Nathan Micay’s score is alright. Steve Summergill’s production design captures the brutal nature of capitalism in the set design.


Things considerably improve in the second half in terms of writing and performances.


The uneven writing is off-putting, especially in the first half of the show. Also, for a show that is set in an investment firm, it is appalling how there’s no mention of why Pierpoint is the best firm to work for.

Did I enjoy it?

It’s strictly okay.

Do I recommend it?

There’s no mention of whether this will have a second season or not, but if you’re curious to see how investment banking pushes people to their limits, you can give this a watch. Don’t expect a Scam 1992 here, though.

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