Insatiable Season 2 review - Dramatic overturn of events

Insatiable Season 2 review - Dramatic overturn of events
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For various reasons, the first season of Insatiable was one of the most controversial web-series of Netflix. It released in an era where fat-shaming was not longer a cool thing to do. Yet it came up with a second season. There’s plenty for you to enjoy, sit back and notice how a politically incorrect show manages to get away because the everything about the show is so glamorous. It almost feels like watching one of our favourite 90s Bollywood film that is filled with sexism, ageism, but we accept it anyway because who doesn’t love a Khan, harassing a lead actress on-screen? Insatiable 2 picks up from where it left, (a murder amidst a beauty pageant). If you enjoyed the drama in the first season, (despite the fat-shaming and moral policing) then there’s a lot more to enjoy in the second season. Insatiable 2 continues with deeper friendship, where families are willing to go to great lengths in order to protect Patty.) They continue to cover their crimes, but find it impossible to live peacefully with their inner demons and knowledge of the crime which has been committed. They have no hope of returning to a normal mundane life. The cast seemed to be more focussed on whether or not the camera has taken a glimpse of their expression, skills rather than concentrating on their characters, their lifestyle. (Or maybe, that’s what beauty pageants do, pretend to follow the lifestyle of another model, supermodel, and act as if they are always surrounded by lights and cameras.) All of it becomes slightly more interesting when Bob’s loyalties are put to test, and beauty queens start missing. The drama is at its peak, along with suspense but it is too difficult to not concentrate on the bigger problem, mainly because of the focus is in the wrong place. Rating: 2/5

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