Inside Bill’s Brain Decoding Bill Gates Review - Fails to explore the mind

Inside Bill’s Brain Decoding Bill Gates Review - Fails to explore the mind
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Everybody loves the rich man Bill Gates, although we barely know anything about him, apart from the fact that he built the popular software, Microsoft. Before Satya Nadella became the CEO of the company, he was the face of Microsoft at a time when it became omnipresent, not just in the USA, but worldwide. This is a man who became famous without sharing his love/hate for any culture, and who’s political affiliation, till date remains unknown. In Davis Guggenheim’s three-part docu-series, Bill Gates is treated more like a software subject than a human subject. Everybody wants to know what clicked in the brain of the man that made him the wealthiest man in the world. The rise of Bill Gates happened at a time when the competitive industry kept a close watch on each other only to hack the materials.  Guggenheim records most of his life for nearly three hours. Netflix’s docu-series, Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates, gives us a glimpse of Gate’s childhood, education, and his life after marriage with Melinda. Bill and Melinda’s initiative to make the world a better place, to improve sewage conditions, their focus on the third world countries have been well known. However, Guggenheim jumps to another topic before completion of his first narration. This happens quite often and thereby the connection slightly gets disturbed. The entire series was intended to explore Bill Gates mind, his affiliations, what makes him the smartest and the kindest man in the universe, how does the man, who has all the money in the world, manage to remain so grounded and connected to reality. It takes a different direction, which isn’t completely disappointing, but then, Guggenheim could have given the series a different title. Or maybe (just maybe) in a way, this explores the way the mind of Bill Gates works; one moment he may be thinking about the latest update his software needs, the next moment he gets a glimpse of his childhood, and again he realises he has duties to fulfil in a third world country.  The jumps remain interesting in a way, nevertheless they disturb the flow. Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates has some intrinsic insights on what went behind the creation of Microsoft. Guggenheim here works like a journalist who fails to get his answers from Bill Gates, so he ends up stitching a story somehow or the other because he has a deadline coming up. Ratings: 2.5 stars

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