Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons Season 5 Review

Starts on a stereotypical note and ends with a surprise.

Richard Mahesh -

Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons Season 5 Review
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What is the story about?

This Docu-series revolves around Raphael Rowe’s visit to the toughest prisons – Brandvlei Correctional Centre (South Africa), Manila City Jail (Philippines), and Nuuk Maximum Security (Greenland). He comes across the most notorious criminals and murders along with the guards, who share their experiences inside the cells


nside the World’s Most Toughest Prisons Season 5 comprises three episodes, which does evoke a sort of boredom after running a few minutes into. Moreover, the first couple of episodes featuring the hazardous gangsters inside the Brandvlei Correctional Centre in South Africa followed by Manila City Jail look almost the same. Naturally, the reason behind the cause of crimes does vary significantly in concurrence to the demographic factors. But, there’s the biggest surprise that awaits not just Raphael, but the audience as well. It’s the Nuuk Maximum Security Cell in Greenland, which is no different from a 5-star hotel mansion. The prisons can walk in and out, cook their food and it’s almost like a vacation. But still, the inmates aren’t happy with the way police guards are. With most of the prisoners shifted from Denmark city prison, one among them is Kaali, who says, “I had better days in Denmark as guards would always take care of me. I feel bad, they come out and walk me out for coffee and make sure that I am all right.” Can you believe this? Cops’ friendly gestures with the criminals! In contrast, the luxurious villa like a prison doesn’t make Kali, a murder convict happy as he says, “If I say the same here that I am not doing good, they would push me into the solitary confinement. I don’t like the guards here.” OMG! Sounds looks like a tourist's review on the micro-blogging page commenting on the hospitality part of a resort, doesn't it? 


The first and foremost surprising part is the prison in Greenland. It’s more like a fairy tale walk for the audience, although the prisoners might not feel the same. In other cases, we see the actual cause that propels people to commit crimes - Poverty.


Despite this new season comprising just three episodes, our attention gets scattered within a few minutes from the word ‘Go’. In particular, it feels little dragging with the second chapter, only to get a surprise moment in the final chapter. 

Did I enjoy it?

Yes, but in parts. The initial moments of the first episode in South African prison were engaging following which gave an impression of repetitions. The third chapter was pretty impressive. 

Do I recommend it?

Yeah! You might have the prototyped experience with the first couple of episodes, but the final one is a commendable one to watch. 

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