Into The Dark S2 Review

A bingeworthy horror and psychological thriller anthology

Aparnna Hajirnis -

Into The Dark S2 Review
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What is the story about?

Each episode features around a holiday or an internationally celebrated day and a spooky encounter that the cast faces. The show digs deeper into several themes such as horror, psychological issues, aliens, serial killers etc. 


Hulu hands down has some of the best shows out there. 'Into The Dark' is not just your spooky halloween show, but it has been crafted so well that one can only marvel at the unique form of storytelling. An anthology series, it takes a look into some of the things that not just scare people but also unsettle them. Every episode is based around either a holiday or an internationally celebrated day and as the characters dig deeper they reveal something that clearly is shocking and chilling. With the announcement of the third season, one would have expected that they might move past the 'holiday' theme. Like the Independence Day episode talks about a man suffering from hallucinations and being institutionalised for claiming that he is the President Of The United States. This episode was handled with a lot of nuance as it deals with mental health issues. There's also the episode when a pregnant woman thinks the life of her unborn is in danger. Then there is this episode on International Pet's Day, when a woman befriends an evil dog. There is one episode that features kinks and sexuality, when a couple realise that their sexual indulgences have turned dangerous. This season I liked more than the last one, it has better themes than season 1, but ofcourse there are also more themes to be explored in forthcoming seasons. 


A lot of popular actors have appeared on this show ranging from Tom Bateman, Dermot Mulroney, Nyasha Hatendi, Suki Waterhouse, Felicia Day, Tina Majorino, Judy Greer, and Barry Watson. However, two episodes that stand out in season 2 include the ones starring Judy Greer playing a lonely woman with an evil dog and Barry Watson a man institutinalised for claiming to be the POTUS. For Judy and Barry, who previously have mostly worked in rom-com movies and shows, these two episodes bring out the real actor in them as they step away from their comfort zones. 

Music & Other Departments

Music is one of the highlights of the show. They play all kinds of songs through the runtime of the series. Every episode has chilling as well as spooky music along with some popular tracks. The music further intensifies the spine-tingling screenplay of the series. Every episode is written so well and the editing is also water-tight. Some episodes featuring aliens or ghosts or supernatural beings have used a lot of good CGI effects and some heavy make-up as well. On the technical part, there is pretty much nothing to complain of as even the storytelling is superb. True, they to jamm in a lot of content in just one episode of 1 hour or so, but nevertheless it makes for an interesting binge-worthy watch. Even though the series is episodic, the episodes are all now available on streaming platforms for binge-viewing. 


Watch out for some known actors totally stepping away from their usual roles and taking up quirky and offbeat characters.


With season 3, there are chances that they would dwell into more themes and not just the holiday ones and for fans who have been used to those, it might seem a bit too familiar as there are already a lot of shows and movies which are horror and thrilling. The uniqueness of this series might fade as we all know there are only few holidays and international celebratory ocassions for those to be the central theme of any series. 

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. I can't wait for Season 3.

Do I recommend it?


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