Intuition Review: A Partly Engaging Photoplay with few Intriguing Instants.

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Intuition Review: A Partly Engaging Photoplay with few Intriguing Instants.
Movie Rated

Format: Film
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Crime, Suspense
Language: Spanish
Digital Premiere Date: 28 May 2020

Intuition Aka La Corazonada released a few hours back with a bit of expectation as the former release Perdida got a few fans. Netflix and Thrillers always share a better love story than many other Romeo Juliets in the universe. Here, today we have one such love story (oops, Sorry Detective story) in the cards to watch and voice out our thoughts.

La Corazonada is a prequel to Perdida in which a Detective resumes the search of a childhood friend whom she lost years back. Herewith the Intuition, being a prequel, we are narrated how she became a detective and additionally we are also told about her first case.

What is the Story about?
Detective Francisco Juanez (Joaquín Furriel) is a controversial detective who leads his team into the woods in the mission of hunting down a psycho killer. During the mission he acquaintances with Manuela “Pipa” Pelari (Luisana Lopilato). We all should be well aware with Pipa as she was the lead in Perdida which released back in 2018. Post the Psycho Killer mission they all team up again on the same night to investigate the murder of a teenager. During the inquiry, a superior orders Pipa to do a parallel investigation on another Murder of a kid on the same night. The not so usual connect here is the kid had accidentally killed Detective Juanez's lady years back. So, it is Juanez behind the teenagers' murder and Pipa behind both the Kid's death and teenager's ride. (Too much work for our brain I'd say). The tale ends when both the perplexities unveil.

Detectives Juanez and Pipa playing the lead actors is perfectly pertinent to the role and they both hold the viewers in the corner seat especially towards the end of the film. Few other actors in the film just deliver what they are asked for, whereas they do not have the required scope to do.

The film falls under the thriller genre and the film doesn't give you adequate chills what the genre offers you. The latter half of the film engages you whereas the former doesn't as it takes time to set the story in. The first half of the film neither tests your patience not entertains. The talkie with less than 120 mins of run time could have been narrated in an even more engaging and gripping manner by avoiding a couple of unwanted sub-plots. Poor thrillers always have the "Predictability" factor. But here in the case of Intuition, the film is partly predictable and partly not.

Music & Other Departments
Right from the first frame of the film, the music grabs you in into the flick. The Background score elevates the mood of the film in many situations. Even this average thriller looks partly gripping due to the phenomenal work of the Camera and Edit duo. The production value of the film will for sure fascinate you to watch more Argentinian films.

The latter half of the film had many moments where the detectives unfold the mystery by revealing many leads. Those moments were interesting to watch. The very first scene where the detective team goes on a hunt to hunt down a psycho killer was intense.

The screenplay of the film was constructed very badly. If the assembly of the screenplay had been done better the film would have stood out in one of the best thrillers. Especially the writer and the director duo have taken their own time to set the plot of the film. 

Do I recommend?
Yeah, This could idly be a decent one time watch.


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