Ishq Aaj Kal Season 2 Review – Impactful and better than the first

Ishq Aaj Kal Season 2 Review – Impactful and better than the first
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Production House: Creative Eye Media Limited Cast: Ankita Sharma, Angad Hasija, Shagun Jaiswal and Paras Kalnawat Dialogues: Pankhuri Gangwal Music: Ravi Singhal Cinematography: Hanoz VK Editor: Afzal Sheikh Story: Niraj Kumar Mishra and Heena Kohli Khan Direction: Rohit Diwedi Premier date: 2nd August 2019 Story: Ishq Aaj Kal takes a more interesting turn as the mystery of Alia’s (Ankita Sharma) father gradually come to the fore. Janardhan (the prison janitor) guides Alia to her father. He adds, that Imran’s death sentence has been pardoned, and his sentence in prison was severed owing to good behaviour. Imran Jafery (Alia’s Father) leaves Alia a note, stating he wants her to be safe, which is why he doesn’t want to meet with her. Which is precisely why the letter doesn’t reveal any mention on his whereabouts. This simply means that Ali’s quest for Imran continues… Arshad (Angad Hasija) is slowly making his feelings evident to Alia. He invests faith, urging Alia to come out of her shell and discuss her problems with him. Arshad is also involved in working towards the expansion of the Trinity group. Arshad’s father views this as an opportunity at increasing his stake in the company and reducing Naz’s stakes. He keenly awaits his friend Balraj’s Kapoor’s advice, who’s presently residing in Singapore (But the twist here has been evidently roped in to let viewers know that Balraj is someone very familiar.) So who is Balraj Kapoor? Naz asks Faraz to rejoin the hotel in Mumbai. This makes Amaira (Shagun Jaiswal) very happy and the couple takes a step up to a committed relationship. Faraz (Paras Kalnawat) also serves as Naz’s new aide (in disguise), Helping Naz at pulling down Arshad’s family to the best of his ability. A mysterious entity leads Meher (Arshad’s mother) out of the rehabilitation centre. Who is this mysterious person, and why does he do what he isn’t meant to do? Ijaaz Arshad’s brother steps in to unveil Naz’s dark side. Artistes’ Performances: One can observe enhanced dexterity in the artist's performance in this season. Angad Hasija emotes a lot better using only his face, while Ankita braves a gamut of emotions that surface beautifully enhancing the moment. Paras’s shades of grey are more pronounced. Technical Merit: The cinematography is more pronounced and the production is a lot more realistic. Direction: The direction takes a whole new turn as the twists are strategically placed healthily enticing the viewer to binge-watch the series and look forward to more. Dialogues: They are more meaningful and feel complete. Simplicity and brevity seem to be the focus. Cinematography: Hanoz has done a fantastic job of delivering the protagonists emotions more closely. In spite of the complexities, the situation is well captured. Music: The background score and tempo have been maintained just like in the last season. Editing: A lot more skill has gotten involved in choosing the right frame, in order to get the plot across more convincingly. The drama is well accorded to the timing. Production standards: duly improvised, and hoping to look forward to more in the upcoming season. Highlights: Excellent production and great cinematography. Drawback: The pace of the plot is very slow! Afraid it will make the 1000 episode mark, like in the yesteryears. Analysis: Overall more impacting! The director has successfully managed at keeping the viewers interest alive, but some twists could be improvised on, by thickening the mystery element. Icing on the cake: A gradually evolving hook! Rating: 3/5

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