Jeff Bezos, Modern day Richie-Rich!

Sajid Ali -

Jeff Bezos, Modern day Richie-Rich!

A lifestyle of the riches has always been a fantasy of every entrepreneur whether they agree or not. It doesn’t limit an entrepreneur but a common man who slogs his/her way to make their dream comes true.

American entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Jeff Bezos is perhaps an example of the real-life Richie-rich living on the face of the earth. The Founder and Chief executive officer of the largest online retailer company and website Amazon hold $131 billion that reflects on his accounts. The man is so rich that he can buy anything you can lay your eyes on. 

His massive richness is the fact that a large portion of his financial balance is used for this guilty pleasures one can ever imagine. We have a list of 10 extravagant things which are part of his life that truly makes him the modern-day Richie-rich.


1.   Former Museum, currently a house

What used to be a textile museum in DC Washington is now remodelled as a household. This $23 million house has 11 bedrooms, 25 washrooms, 5 living rooms and 2 elevators.


2.   Private Jet – Gulfstream G650ER

This $65million private jet is nothing less than a Michelin star restaurant. With futuristic décor and a range of 7,500 miles, this is one of the priciest possessions he bought in the year 2016.


3.   10,000 Year clock

Once Bezos tweeted about an unusual clock he purchased which will tell time for 10,000 years. This eccentric purchase surely beats the list.


4.   10,000 sq. ft apartment in New York

This apartment is spread over the uptown Central Park West area of New York City, where 3 condos are connected into one building his private neighbourhood costing him $17 million.


5.   The Washington Post – Newspaper

A common man has the habit of reading the newspaper every morning. Bezos had a different plan of his own and bought a newspaper company. Nash Holdings is a private company owned by Jeff Bezos. He bought this 140-year-old newspaper publishing for $250 million.


6.   Blue Origin (A Rocket company)

Bezos found this rocket company to make space travel plans possible and he’s been working on this since 2000. He invests a billion dollar every year from the Amazon stocks and envisions making an 11 minutes space travel rocket possible for his customers.


7.   Robo-Dog!

Who doesn’t love a robot as your friend despite the risk of machines rising against the human race according to Sky Net? Bezos once posted a picture on his twitter handle with his robo-dog who he claims to be his pet. It was created and developed by Boston Dynamics.

8.   A Chateau in Hollywood

A city which marks the hub of the American dream, Bezos owns Spanish style chateau in Beverly Hills, California. It comprises 7 rooms, 7 washrooms, a nursery which also houses a tennis court around the corner, a swimming pool, 6 carports and 4 wellsprings. If you think it’s exuberant, I would say not for Jeff Bezos though.


9.   Lake house in Seattle

Jeff bought this house in 1998 for $10 million, apparently, his neighbour is another tech giant Bill gates. This again is an arrangement of two houses clubbed together which contains 10 rooms and 9 washrooms.

10.   Amazon Grounds in Seattle

It’s built over more than four downtown squares and is priced at $4 billion. One of the structures called “The Spheres” has tropical backwoods augmented inside it.

If his list doesn’t leave you gasping for breath, then I don’t know what else will. What we saw in Richie-rich surely looks a little meager in comparison. Please let us know your views in the comments.


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