Jestination Unknown review: Not so unscripted

Jestination Unknown review: Not so unscripted
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Nothing about Jestination Unknown looks unscripted as they have claimed in their series definition. Almost all the titles of their series are borrowed lines from a popular film, which seem to be quite creative, but only till there. “Vir Das travels across India with his friends to answer the question: "What does India find funny?" In Patiala, they explore comedy and clichés. In Lucknow, the hasya kavis give a masterclass. In Jodhpur, the city welcomes new jesters. In Mysore, a Mysore joke is written. In Kumarakom, comedy after a tragedy is explored. In Leh, even the people in the harshest region of the country laugh.” Prime Video Description. The jokes do not seem to be explored regionally, and the script appeared to be well-prepared even before they arrived at their destination. That may not be a huge problem, but why claim something to be unscripted when it isn’t? Some of the cast such as Shruti Seth, Vir Das, do not have a huge fan base for what they say on Twitter. While some find them to be bravely vociferous, others believe they conveniently seem to wake up only when a situation suits their narrative. But let’s keep that side of their life in the news section and review Jestination Unknown like an individual show, and yet it seemed too scripted to be unscripted, mainly in terms of the jokes which were being told. The camera person seemed to know exactly which frame to capture, to make the visuals more interesting. Again. That may still be acceptable, that is just not the style of a script which claims to be unscripted and based on real experiences in different states of India. Vir Das remains conscious about his jokes, he makes sure that he doesn’t get carried away and becomes politically incorrect. But let us be clear about something. It is completely alright to be politically incorrect, especially when content is being treated as a joke. Biswa Kalyan Rath has been cleverly politically incorrect in his Amazon Prime Video show, Mast Aadmi, but he cleverly does not target anyone else apart from himself. He proudly calls himself ugly and manages to get paid for it. (Someone was paying attention while studying at IIT). He even calls himself a ‘sexiest pig’ but asks the audience that while he may be the sexiest comedian, what was the fault of the pig who was only minding its own business. Vir Das ly needs to work harder. Rating: 2.5/5

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