Jodi Kintu Tobuo Review

This romantic drama stumbles in its second half

Rony Patra -

Jodi Kintu Tobuo Review
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What is the story about?

Abir, a young student, falls in love with Preety, the daughter of a Brigadier in college, Five years later, even as his mother and her family want them to get married, Abir is reluctant to do so, as he feels the spak in their relationship would be lost. As both of them gear up for their wedding, the expectations of both families and financial constraints take their toll on Abir, who flees his own engagement. An angry Preety decides to go ahead with the wedding to the son of his father's friend, Rehan. But when Abir realizes his folly and has a change of heart, he decides to crash their wedding. Can Abir and Preety be united in matrimony?


Most romantic comedies nowadays lack novelty, and are usually derivations of earlier cult work in the same genre. As far as premises go, Jodi Kintu Tobuo borrows liberally from various Indian romcoms such as the Akshaye Khanna-Ayesha Takia track in Salaam-e-Ishq and Dil. There's a big fat Bangla wedding, complete with a DJ console. It also has a climax in the Dhaka airport. However, the chemistry between the two leads is infectious, and the story, though predictable, settles into a nice, comfortable rhythm in the first half. Abir's commitment issues come to the fore, even as the rest of the world manages his impending marriage to Preety, and writer-director Shihab Shaheen writes these sequences with care, portraying Abir's inner fears, as well as Preety's nervousness about her family's acceptance of him and their future. Unfortunately, all this great work is evened out by an amatuerishly-scripted second half, where it seems as if Shaheen runs out of things to say, and he cannot figure out how to take the story to a satisying conclusion. Having said that, this is still a better offering from ZEE5's Bangladesh arm after the horrendous WTFry.


Nusraat Faria's Preety is a mixed bag. She cannot carry off the tearjerker scenes at all, but there's an ease to her performance as a girl who wishes to live life on her terms. In fact, some of the scenes written for her are performed well. I enjoyed Tariq Anam Khan's performance as a slightly-comical retired army brigadier, who is very protective of his daughter Preety. Imtu Ratish puts in a decent performance as Abir's friend Shakib.
Unfortunately, Ziaul Faruq Apurba is inconsistent as Abir. There's no denying he has a greater emotive range than Faria, but that clunky college sequence as he tries to woo Preety is hard to watch. 

Music & Other Departments

Saiful Shahin's camerawork is eye-filling. His overhead long shots of Cox's Bazaar are refreshing to watch. Raja Narayan Deb's background score is okay. Amlaan A Chakraborty teams up with Ishan Mitra and Nusraat Faria to provide the lilting Katena Katena.


The sequences where Abir's commitment-phobia comes to the fore are very well-written and enacted by Apurba.


The second half, when Abir realizes his folly and wants to correct his mistake, is very badly scripted. While the entire film has the tone of a melodramatic family entertainer, it is in the second half that the melodrama goes outside the realm of reason. At least 30-40 minutes of the same could have been shaved off the film.

Did I enjoy it?

I found the film enjoyable in parts.

Do I recommend it?

This film can always be watched once, if you're a fan of romantic dramas.

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