Joji Review

Interesting characters and situations lead up to an engaging slow burn drama!

Joji Review
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What is the story about?

Joji is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, set in the hinterlands of Kerala. Joji (Fahadh Faazil) is the youngest, subjugated son of a man with many riches to his name. After a series of events triggers the negative tone in him, Joji pushes off a pack of dominos which lead to one bad incident after another.


Taking its core from the Shakespearean play, Joji sets its tempo and tone very early into the film, as we are led to the small but interesting list of characters who all come down with their unique shades. The film takes its time to build its world and enlist out a good round of events, but makes sure that there isn’t much space left for the audience to take a breather. The writing and the direction is on point, as every scene is perfectly designed and executed with strong performances on all sides. Joji feels like a stage play done right, with hardly any wrong move executed.


Fahadh Faasil picks up yet another intriguing project that gives him a whacky and weird role to sport, and the actor pulls it off quite effortlessly. It is yet another good addition to his long filmography which is packed with more hits than misses. Baburaj is another solid addition to the cast, as his performances adds an unsettling layer to the film, ultimately adding to the big picture. The rest of the cast has been carefully handpicked too, as they contribute very well to the film’s weight.

Music & Other Departments

Both the cinematography and the music in Joji is top-notch, bringing in a calm and soothing feeling at first and then seamlessly turning it on its head, making it eerie.


Fahadh Faasil’s solid performance and the rousing final 30 minutes.


The film is not everyone’s cup of tea, many will find it a little too slow and simple.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. This was a good watch that brought in a fair amount of tease and tension.

Do I recommend it?

Yes. Joji is a worthy watch that makes it another winner from the trio of Syam, Dileesh and Fahadh.

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